The Lakes Of North Central Washington

North Central Washington is home to many lakes that are an ideal place for great outdoor pursuits like boating, fishing, water skiing, jet skiing, swimming and more. Many of the lakes are some of the more beautiful natural lakes you can find anywhere like Lake Chelan and Lake Wenatchee. Many of the other lakes in the NCW region are there as a result of the massive amounts of hydroelectric dams and irrigation projects in the area, an example of these type of lakes include Banks Lake, Billy Clapp Lake, and Potholes Reservoir. The dams that span the Columbia River also cause lakes to be formed behind them that are actually part of the river flow, they include Rufus Woods Reservoir, Lake Entiat, and Wanapum Lake, among others.

Alta Lake

Photos of Alta Lake

Banks Lake

Photos of Banks Lake

Beehive Reservoir

Billy Clapp Lake

Photos of Billy Clapp Lake

Blue Lake

Photos of Blue Lake

Cle Elum Lake

Photos of Cle Elum Lake

Conconully Lake

Photos of Conconully Lake

Deep Lake

Photos of Deep Lake

Fish Lake

Photos of Fish Lake

Jameson Lake

Photos of Jameson Lake

Lake Chelan

Photos of Lake Chelan

Lake Wenatchee

Photos of Lake Wenatchee

Moses Lake

Photos of Moses Lake

Omak Lake

Photos of Omak Lake

Park Lake

Photos of Park Lake

Pit Lake

Photos of Pit Lake

Potholes Reservoir

Photos of the Potholes Reservoir

Soap Lake

Photos of Soap Lake

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