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Experience The Hotel Rio Vista In Winthrop, Washington

Winthrop Washington
North Central Washington has a lot of great destinations located within its boundaries. One of the more popular places to head to is the Old West themed town of Winthrop in the Methow Valley. This is one community that really knows how to show visitors a good time. Whether you’re going there as a romantic getaway or a family vacation, you’re sure to have an awesome experience.

NCWpics Hotel Rio Vista Front

Anyone who chooses to visit Winthrop, Washington should count themselves lucky if they get the opportunity to spend the night in the Hotel Rio Vista. From your first walk through the door, it’s very easy to get a feel for how friendly and welcoming it is there. You’ll also love the great Old West look to the entire facility. Though its located in a small rural getaway, the Hotel Rio Vista is very modern too. The cleanliness is also immediately noticeable.

NCWpics Hotel Rio Vista Room

The rooms at the Hotel Rio Vista are a plus too. They’r every comfortable and warmly decorated. They also offer everything you’ll need to make your stay there just perfect. One of the best parts about getting a room at the Hotel Rio Vista is that each one comes with its own private deck. Walking out in the morning, afternoon, or evening and enjoying the riverfront view is a very special part of staying there. It doesn’t matter if you’re there during spring, summer, fall, or winter either.

NCWpics Hotel Rio Vista Room

Winthrop has a lot to offer. There’s a nearby museum detailing the area’s history, a fun selection of shops, a great pedestrian suspension bridge, lots of nice places to have a meal, and of course some great late night places as well. You can even find live music available at times. All of this and more are easily reached on foot from the Hotel Rio Vista. In fact, this is another of the hotel’s strong points, its location.

Winthrop on the Cascade Loop ~29

You can’t go wrong spending time in Winthrop. It’s a very unique spot in North Central Washington and one both locals and those from outside the area should experience. If you’re looking for a place to stay when you visit there, check out the Hotel Rio Vista.


Look At North Central Washington’s State Airports

People looking to fly into or out of the North Central Washington area usually have to go through Pangborn Airport in the Wenatchee area or through Grant County International Airport in Moses Lake. Another option is to simply drive to either Spokane International Airport just outside of Spokane or to Sea-Tac Airport located between Seattle and Tacoma and just fly from there. There are a number of smaller airports around the area that are used more by private, government, or agricultural aircraft too.

There are also three airports in the area operated by the State of Washington. They are open for public use, have limited amenities, and are somewhat remotely located. They are also used by various firefighting outfits during the unfortunate outbreak of a wildfire.

Here is a look at these state owned or run airports.

Lake Wenatchee Airport

Lake Wenatchee State Airport is located very near to Lake Wenatchee State Park.

Methow Valley Airport

Methow Valley State Airport is located just outside of Winthrop.

Stehekin Airport

Stehekin State Airport is locted just west of Stehekin at the head of Lake Chelan.

Photos provided by the Washington State Department of Transportation.

Check Out Winthrop, WA On Video

Winthrop is a great little community to to escape to for a quick day trip, a full weekend, long weekend, or even something longer. There is quite a bit to do in and around this little western themed town. Booking a stay in one of the motels or rental cabins that is right on the river can be very fun.


Winthrop features great restaurants, places to stay, and lots of outdoor recreation. There are also local celebrations that are a lot of fun too.