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Local Cause: Help Us Preserve Alta Lake

During a recent drive through Pateros that included a stop off at a very tasty bakery, I noticed an interesting banner hanging on the nearby fence.

Pateros - Help Preserve Alta Lake

I followed up and checked on the gofundme specifics and it looks like a very worthwhile local cause.

Alta Lake is located near Pateros and Alta Lake State Park, which barely survived the Carlton Complex fire in 2014, sits right on its shores. There are a lot of activities you can participate in right there, on the water and on the shore, like swimming, boating, fishing, camping, hiking, jet skiing, paddle boarding, and more.

Alta Lake

About 50 years ago, the snowpack that feeds Alta Lake started to become insufficient to keep the lake level high enough for the campers, recreational users, and local residents. A pump was installed in the 1970s to bring water up from the Columbia River behind Wells Dam to add to the water volume in Alta Lake. This solution was later discontinued in the 1980s. Since 2006, local residents and Washington State Parks have partnered to resume the pumping.

With all of the cutbacks in state government budgets in recent years, state parks was unable to continue this effort. Now, without help, the water level of Alta Lake could decrease over the coming years to the point where it would no longer be a usable asset.

So if you or anyone you can think of might be interested:

Go Fund Me: Alta Lake