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Five Fun Facts About Moses Coulee

Moses Coulee

Moses Coulee may not be the most famous of the coulees in the North Central Washington, but it has a lot to offer in its own right. The dramatic scenery alone, with the rocky cliffsides and desolate landscape, are perfect for picture taking. This is a great destination for a quick day trip.

Here are five fun facts about Moses Coulee.

A National Natural Landmark

The bottom of Moses Coulee, where it discharges into the Columbia River, is known as the Great Gravel Bar of Moses Coulee and is designated as a National Natural Landmark.

An Alternate Route

Though it’s hard to believe now, for a short time during and after the Great Missoula Flood, the Columbia River briefly flowed through Moses Coulee.

Appledale, WA

Established in the lower part of Moses Coulee, a post office called Appledale was created in 1912. It remained in operation until 1927 and was named for the apple orchards in the area.

Palisades, WA

The area known as Palisades, Wa is an unincorporated community in Moses Coulee. A post office was established in Palisades in 1908 and still operates there today.

Bodies of Water

While it was carved by ice and water, the huge Moses Coulee now is home to just two very small lakes. Both lakes are located in upper Moses Coulee with Grimes Lake being to the north and Jameson Lake being to the south.

Photos of Moses Coulee Added To NCW Photo Gallery

Moses Coulee is located in North Central Washington and features some impressive cliffs and rock formations, and is a fun destination for a drive. A coulee is a depression or channel in the Earth that is caused by the drainage of a glacier. Moses Coulee is located east of the Wenatchee area stretches for miles. When it comes to developed areas, there isn’t much there, but the desolation is beautiful in its own way.

Moses Coulee

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