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Stay At The Ranch In The Beautiful Methow Valley

The Ranch Outside

The Methow Valley is a beautiful little section of North Central Washington. It features, of course, the Methow River tumbling down the valley but also some great rolling hillsides and interesting rock formations. From Pateros, where the river empties into the Columbia, to Winthrop and above, it has plenty to do for anyone lucky enough to go there.

When you visit the Methow Valley for a weekend or longer, you need a great place to stay. Take the time and check out the unique experience available to you by staying at The Ranch.

The Ranch The River

The Ranch sits roughly six miles southeast of the town of Twisp in a gorgeous rural setting. The Methow River flows right by which adds to the scenic beauty regardless of what time you’re visiting. Whether in the splendor of summer or covered by a blanket of snow, The Ranch is a beautiful vacation property for some wonderful time away from home.

The decor of The Ranch is delightfully rustic with comfortable furniture, including in both the living room and bedrooms, and a warm environment. The wood stove adds to the experience, especially when used to warm your vacation home in the colder evening hours in the late fall, winter, and early spring. This warm and rustic feeling indoors is echoed outdoors with the nearby stables, rolling hillsides, and multiple views of the river. Staying at The Ranch is definitely a unique experience.

While we’re at it, the outdoors at The Ranch is another of the key features there. There are hiking trails that head lead through the property that this vacation home sits on. There are also nearby trails that you can easily reach and explore too. You can also walk down the short trail to the Methow River where it passes by the property and enjoy this scenic river close-up and in person. The cold mountain water will wake you up if you or your family members want to splash around or dip your toes in it. As you walk around outdoors at The Ranch, there is no mistaking that you are in a true North Central Washington rural outdoor setting.

Enjoying the Methow Valley though will take you away from The Ranch too. You can start at the bottom of the valley, where the river meets the Columbia, at the town of Pateros. Make sure to get a delicious treat from the local bakery there as you set out exploring the area. South from there, you’ll find Chelan, Lake Chelan, Rocky Reach Dam, and even Wenatchee if you want to go on a longer drive. East from the mouth of the Methow River will take you to sights like Grand Coulee Dam, Banks Lake, Dry Falls, and Chief Joseph Dam. Heading back up the Methow Valley you’ll find some small historic sites and several tiny communities.

The Ranch Kitchen

Above The Ranch, you’ll find Twisp, a nice little town that features some great parks, nice shops, and more eating out options. Just a few miles up the highway from Twisp is the Old West themed town of Winthrop. Winthrop is a very popular tourist destination that offers some nice options for eating out, unique shops, a great museum, a fun candy shop, and even the opportunity to go miniature golfing. Further up the highway is the tiny town of Mazama which is the last place to find gasoline and other services should you want to head further up the road to Washington Pass and the North Cascades Highway.

All along the way you’ll be treated to a wealth of scenic views, outdoor recreation opportunities, and fun things to do and see.

The Methow Valley is a great destination and if you’re interested in going there, do it right and look into staying at The Ranch.

Check out The Ranch online:

The Ranch in the Methow Valley

The Northern Inn Is Waiting For You In Republic, Washington

One thing you can say about North Central Washington is that it’s unique. This is true all over the region, from the Canadian border to the Columbia Basin and from the Cascade Mountains to the Grand Coulee area. A lot of the unique places and experiences are not nearly as well known too.

The area surrounding the community of Republic, located in the northeastern part of North Central Washington, inside Ferry County is very unique. You can visit there and take part in all kinds of outdoor activities, including cross country skiing, kayaking, hunting, fishing, hiking, mountain biking, wildlife viewing, river rafting, and lots more. The area is also a bit off the radar so if you’re one of those who likes to truly feel like they are away from it all when they get away from it all, this might be the place for you.

If you’re looking for a place to stay in Republic, you can’t go wrong with a stop off at the Northern Inn.

Northern Inn 2

The Northern Inn is a modern and very updated accommodation that honors its historic past. It opened to serve visitors coming through the area more than 100 years ago and still treats everyone who comes through its doors as a valued guest. The first thing you’ll notice about the Northern Inn is how it strictly adheres to the decor of an Old West hotel. The added benefit is that this really is an Old West hotel, it’s in its substance and its spirit, this isn’t a manufactured experience.

The staff is very friendly and the rooms are extremely clean. This is the perfect place to trust your sleeping needs to when you’re either making use of all there is to do in the Republic area or even if you’re just looking for a place to kick back and relax.

Northern Inn 4

The Northern Inn is right in downtown Republic too so you can watch all the goings on from the railing outside your room, or your own private balcony if you’ve booked a stay in one of the establishment’s popular suites, and you’re also within walking distance of some great shopping opportunities and tasty dining options.

Northern Inn 3

If you visit Republic, no matter the reason, treat yourself to a stay at the Northern Inn. You simply will not regret staying at such a unique place in a unique area.

Visit the Northern Inn online!

Campbell’s Resort on Lake Chelan is a North Central Washington Treasure

There are lots of places to go and see in North Central Washington. Lots of places to stay too. A few of those places though are somewhat iconic in the region and one of those is Campbell’s Resort on the shores of Lake Chelan.

The Lake Chelan area is one of the more popular destinations in North Central Washington. It offers tons of outdoor recreation opportunities like boating, waterskiing, kayaking, swimming, sunbathing, paragliding, hiking, mountain biking, fishing, and more. With the small, but welcoming, community of Chelan at the bottom of the lake, as well as neighboring Manson, there are also plenty of shopping, entertainment, and dining options. When you go there, you need a place to stay and staying at Campbell’s Resort guarantees a great experience.

Campbells Resort 1

Campbell’s Resort take great advantage of its location. It sits right on the shore of beautiful Lake Chelan, meaning when you stay there you cannot only have a great view of the lake but can access the water directly as well. Campbell’s Resort’s location also pays off for when you want to explore the community. It isn’t located close to downtown Chelan, it actually is part of downtown Chelan. That means it’ll be easy to get out to the local restaurant or bar that the front desk can recommend to you.

Campbells Resort 4

It doesn’t matter what kind of stay you’re looking for, Campbell’s Resort has you covered. They have studio units featuring a king bed, two queen beds, a king bed and a hide-a-bed, wheelchair accessible rooms, and more. There are even kitchen units, units with separate bedrooms, and if you really want privacy, there are cabins available too. All the rooms are veyr clean and very modern. They are also uniquely decorated too with touches that really capture the local region. The time you spend inside your room at Campbell’s Resort can be a very satisfying part of your stay on Lake Chelan.

Campbells Resort 2

Campbell’s Resort also has on-site dining options too which is very convenient. Other features at this iconic Northwest resort include multiple pools, multiple hot tubs, landscaped grounds, a day spa, beach bar, an electric vehicle charging station, fitness center, boat moorage, and a private beach. As you can see, it is very easy to include Campbell’s Resort in your vacation plans and know that you’ve made the right decision.

Campbells Resort 7

Any stay in Chelan, whether it’s for a quick overnight on your way through, a long weekend, or even a full blown vacation can be made even better with a stay at Campbell’s Resort.

Check out Campbell’s Resort online!

Enjoy Your Stay At The Comfort Inn in Downtown Wenatchee

Comfort Inn

There are a lot of great reasons to visit Wenatchee from outside the area. This small city is located smack dab in the middle of some of the best agricultural land in the state of Washington. Whether staying in town or going on a short drive out into the surrounding area, you are sure to find plenty of places to purchase fresh produce, often directly from the farmer responsible for raising it. Wenatchee is also close to some great outdoor recreation opportunities like skiing, swimming, kayaking, rock climbing, boating, fishing, hiking, and more. you can also come to Wenatchee and make use of the many great local history attractions, including both museums as well as historical sites.

Once in Wenatchee though, you’ll be in need of a place to stay. The Comfort Inn – Downtown in Wenatchee has a unique location that makes it very appealing to someone new in town. The hotel itself is clean, modern, and very well outfitted. It offers a great pool, hot tub, and continental breakfast. The staff there are extremely helpful too, both with issues within the hotel as well as with recommendations on where to in Wenatchee. Most visitors though appreciate what the hotel is near. Just south from its driveway, right on Wenatchee Avenue and within walking distance, is Downtown Wenatchee where you will find a nice selection of restaurants and shops, even multiple places to pick up a hard to find antique. North and west of the Comfort Inn are more shopping and eating opportunities too. Another nice feature is the Apple Capital Loop Trail which is located just east of the hotel. This trail stretches for more than 10 miles and follows the shore of the Columbia River on both the Wenatchee and East Wenatchee sides. It is perfect for walking, jogging, roller blading, and bicycling. It’s a real favorite of locals and visitors alike.

The Comfort Inn – Downtown in Wenatchee is a wonderful place to stay for anyone coming to town for any reason. It is centrally located so that any destination within the city can be reached quickly and easily. It is also easy to get to the local state highways from there so you can explore the surrounding area. If you’d like to get out on foot and visit Downtown Wenatchee or any nearby eatery or shop, it’s perfect for that too. You just cannot go wrong with a stay at the Comfort Inn – Downtown in Wenatchee.

Online at: Comfort Inn – Downtown Wenatchee