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Spend Some Time In The Lake Wenatchee Area

Lake Wenatchee sits high up in the Cascade Mountains and is one of the top outdoor recreation destinations in the region. You can go there and participate in all kinds of activities. You can also go there and just enjoy some great chances at relaxation too. Whatever you do in the Lake Wenatchee area, you’ll be doing it in one of the best outdoor areas the state of Washington has to offer.

The gem of the Lake Wenatchee area is, of course, Lake Wenatchee. This beautiful alpine lake stretches for a few miles and is big enough to entertain swimmers, kayakers, boaters, water skiiers, and anglers. There is one island in the lake, Emerald Island, which sits on the eastern end of the lake right where water leaves and forms the Wenatchee River.

On the eastern end of the Lake is Lake Wenatchee State Park. This beautiful state park has sections on both the north and south shores of the Wenatchee River. You can go there and go camping, fishing, boating, swimming, and more. Whether you spend your time down on the sandy beach or up in the trees, you can join the many thousands of families who have gone their for decades for fun in the beautiful outdoors.

Just outside of the state park is the Nason Creek Campground. It and Glacier View Campground on the southwestern shoreline of the lake are the two main national forest campgrounds in the area. You can also find camping options up the White River Valley to the west of Lake Wenatchee, at nearby Fish Lake, up the Chiwawa River Valley, and in the nearby Tumwater Canyon. If camping is what you want to do, the Lake Wenatchee Area is a great place to head towards.

The Lake Wenatchee Area is also home to several very small communities. Right outside the state park sits a few small businesses, including a grocery store, espresso stand, and restaurants. South from the state park and back on Highway 2 is Coles Corner, home to a convenience store and gas station, as well as the 59er Diner and the Squirrel Tree Inn. Further east on Highway 2 is Leavenworth, a Bavarian themed community that is a haven for tourists. Back down the Chumstick Highway, known as the back way to Leavenworth from Lake Wenatchee, is the small town of Plain which is home to more businesses including a popular stop for ice cream cones. There are also a lot of opportunities to rent vacation homes and cabins in these small communities. Lake Wenatchee is a great place to go to experience the outdoors but there are also plenty of chances to visit small communities too.

The Lake Wenatchee Area is also popular because of what it is located near. You can visit or even stay at or near the lake but still be within an easy drive of several other great attractions. The city of Wenatchee and the popular Rocky Reach Dam are just less than an hour to the east. The previously mentioned Leavenworth has a lot to offer, along with the adjacent Icicle Valley, and it is just a half hour away to the east. To the west on Highway 2 is the summit of Stevens Pass, home to downhill skiing in the winter and mountain biking in the summer. There’s plenty to do in the Lake Wenatchee area, but you’ll find there’s pleny to do in the area around it too.

The Lake Wenatchee Area is a great place to visit for a day trip, for a weekend, or even for an extended stay. When you go there you’ll find some great options for accommodations, activities, attractions, and more. Don’t forget though to just sit and enjoy it for a little while because that is one of the best experiences that the Lake Wenatchee Area has to offer.

New Photos Added Of Lake Wenatchee State Park

We just added more photos from Lake Wenatchee State Park. These feature a look at what the park looks like during the winter.

Lake Wenatchee State Park in Winter

Lake Wenatchee State Park is popular with both overnighters and those going up for the day, but mostly during the summer. There are a lot of activities that can be participated in there, including snowshoeing, hiking, swimming, kayaking, horseback riding, boating, fishing, and more.

More Photos Of Lake Wenatchee State Park Added

Lake Wenatchee State Park

We’ve just updated our Lake Wenatchee State Park photo gallery with some more images from this past year. Lake Wenatchee State Park is a very popular high mountain campground that provides great access to the water of Lake Wenatchee and the surrounding forest land. It’s very near a number of other popular attractions and interesting sights including Dirty Face, the Little Wenatchee River, White River, Fish Lake, Chiwawa River Valley, Stevens Pass, and the communities of Leavenworth, Coles Corner, and Plain.

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