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5 Fun Facts About Highway 17 In North Central Washington

Highway 17 - The Coulee Corridor

Going north to south through the heart of North Central Washington is Highway 17. This state route passes through some fun communities and near some impressive attractions. It’s an important part of the local region.

Here are five fun facts about North Central Washington’s Highway 17.

County Crossings

Highway 17 passes through five different counties on its trip north, including Franklin, Adams, Grant, Douglas, and Okanogan.

A Scenic Byway

Highway 17 is officially designated as the Coulee Corridor Scenic Byway between Othello and Coulee City as it passes through the Grand Coulee.

Only One?

Highway 17 stretches for a little over 36 miles. In all that time it crosses just one river, the Columbia River at Bridgeport. This comes just a little over eight miles before the highway ends where it meets U.S. 97.

From 3 Comes 1

When the national highway renumbering plan came about in 1964, Highway 17 was established from three other highways. It was made up of Secondary State Highway 11G, Primary State Highway 7, and part of Primary State Highway 10.

Where’d Those Miles Go?

When Highway 17 was established in 1964, it was 144.27 miles long. Highway 395 was realigned later and Highway 17’s starting point was moved, chopping off 7.6 miles of its length.