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Grant County Museums

Grant County is located in the eastern and southern portion of North Central Washington. When you visit Grant County, you’ll be visiting a very special part of Washington State. A part that features a great deal of farmland, the amazing Columbia River, and some lively communities and popular vacation getaways. You’ll be in the neighborhood of impressive hydroelectric dams, intriguing natural wonders, and also be able to enjoy one of the best climates in the entire state.

You’ll also be in an area that is home to a fascinating history. Much of that history is available to explore to, thanks to the many Grant County Museums.

Grant County Museums

Grant County Historical Museum
Grant County Historical Museum
Grant County Historical Museum is located near the east end of Ephrata and features a unique look, including historic buildings available for touring, at life in this rural county during its early days.

Moses Lake Museum & Art Center
The Moses Lake Museum & Art Center is a one-of-a-kind attraction featuring an interesting look at the early days of the community combined with an impressive art collection.

Wanapum Dam Heritage Center
Wanapum Heritage Center
Located inside the Wanapum Dam, one of the impressive hydroelectric dams on the Columbia River, the Wanapum Heritage Center not only looks at the history of settlement in the area but also Native American history as well.

Ginkgo Petrified Forest State Park
Ginkgo Petrified Forest State Park Visitor Center
Though technically not located within Grant County as it’s just across the Columbia River in Vantage, Ginkgo Petrified Forest State Park is one of the more fascinating state parks in the region. The visitor center there features incredible examples of petrified rock and a great look at the history of the discovery of this unique locale.

Visit The Grant County Historical Museum In Ephrata, Washington


North Central Washington is home to some great museums. It’s also home to some fascinating history, much of which can be explored in those museums. It seems like almost every town has a small museum dedicated to preserving, protecting, and displaying local history.

The city of Ephrata is no different. If you’re driving on Highway 28, you’re guaranteed to see it too. On the east end of town, you’ll pass right by the Grant County Historical Museum.

The Grant County Historical Museum has a unique look to it that features an indoor area filled with all sorts of treasures and a large outdoor yard that features old farm implements and historic buildings. Taking the time to work your way through both areas is the best way to experience this very cool local history museum.

A large focus of the Grant County Historical Museum is on what life was like when the pioneers that settled the area were building it into what it would become. Also included is a look at Native American life in the area, as well as early prospectors who worked the local gold fields. There is a very nice display of guns, tools, cookware, and other important artifacts of life in the early days of Grant County.

You will also find a huge amount of old newspaper clippings, photographs, and other important paper items. Much of this is related to ranching history and if you’re a fan of Old West or cowboy history, this could be a big draw for you.


Among the other items that can be seen there are period clothing, pianos, brewery artifacts, housewares, and gold mining equipment.

Whether you’re going there as part of a plan or just driving through and finally stopping at a place that’s always captured your curiosity, the Grant County Historical Museum is sure to satisfy.

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Fun Facts About Grant County International Airport

Grant County International Airport is the largest airport in North Central Washington. It has a unique history too. Many people wonder how did such a huge facility come to a region that seemingly lacks the population to support it. Here are five fun facts about Grant County International Airport.

-Prior to being owned by the Port of Moses Lake, Grant County International Airport was known as Larson Air Force Base.

-Larson Air Force Base was closed in 1966. It’s original name upon activation in 1942 was Moses Lake Army Air Base.

-At 13,503 feet in length, Grant County International Airport’s longest runway is one of the longest in the United States.

-For more than 40 years, Japan Air Lines used Grant County International Airport to train its Boeing 747 crews.

-A majority of Big Bend Community College actually sits on the grounds of Grant County International Airport.

Fun Facts About Northrup Canyon Near Grand Coulee Dam

Northrup Canyon is located south of Grand Coulee Dam, off of Highway 155, and very near Steamboat Rock State Park. this is a popular place for local hikes that show off the North Central Washington terrain. It gives a great look at what this part of the state must have looked like when it was first settled.

-Northrup Canyon was first settled by the Northrup Family in the late 1800s.

-When you hike up Northrup Canyon, you will reach some of the original homestead buildings still standing there, mostly in ruins.

-Though it is small, Northrup Canyon is home to the only native forest in Grant County.

-During the winter months, the walls and trees of Northrup Canyon are home to approximately 200 bald eagles.

-The old wagon road trail that cuts through Northrup Canyon was once one of the main roads used across the Grand Coulee, leading from Almira in the east to Bridgeport in the west.