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Part three of a look at the ghost signs of Wenatchee takes us back into the downtown area, an area with large brick buildings. Many of these brick buildings carry painted signs of the businesses that were once located there. This look features three different Eagle Transfer signs, each black and white, and each painted on red brick.

Wenatchee Ghost Sign - Eagle Transfer
Eagle Transfer sign in Wenatchee
Wenatchee Ghost Sign - Eagle Transfer
Eagle Transfer sign in Wenatchee
Wenatchee Ghost Sign - Eagle Transfer
Eagle Transfer sign in Wenatchee

On the north end of Wenatchee, in the Olds Station area, sits a large vacant field with a lone sign standing. The sign is for a former restaurant that used to operate nearby.

Wenatchee Ghost Sign - Horan House
John Horan House Sign in Olds Station – Wenatchee

Lastly, on Wenatchee Avenue, there is what looks to be a long unused car wash. I couldn’t resist swinging in and getting a shot of the rusted and fading Clearance sign.

Wenatchee Ghost Sign - Car Wash Clearance
Clearance Sign on Unused Car Wash

North Central Washington Ghost Signs: Wenatchee – Part 1
North Central Washington Ghost Signs: Wenatchee – Part 2

North Central Washington Ghost Signs:  Monitor

A short pull off from Highway 2 just west of Wenatchee made for a quick look for some more Ghost Signs.  And it paid off, too.  Monitor, Washington is home to several fruit warehouse buildings, some farms, orchards, and homes, and even a small business or two.

Shipping Sign in Monitor
Shipping Sign in Monitor

Sometimes what you find can be something like a small directional sign like this one pointing to the shipping office.  While other times what you find is a huge faded business name.

Collins Fruit Warehouse Sign in Monitor
Collins Fruit Warehouse Sign in Monitor

Most ghost signs aren’t as colorful or as detailed as this Collins Fruit sign.  This is a real treasure. 

Monitor is a tiny community, but it still had a couple entries in the catalog of North Central Washington Ghost Signs

North Central Washington Ghost Signs:  Cashmere

Ghost signs can be found anywhere.  Out in the middle of nowhere or in cities of all sizes.  They can also be found in small towns, and that’s what we’re taking a look at here with a visit to Cashmere.

Cashmere is just a short drive west from Wenatchee and has a lot to offer, including a fun downtown area for shopping and eating, plenty of park space and access to the Wenatchee River, and an incredible museum.  In sign hunting though we’re after a different kind of history.  A kind that is usually found looking up.

A faded Cashmere warehouse

We have a lot of warehouses, mostly of the fruit variety, here in North Central Washington and some have very interesting signs painted on them.  Over the years, signs fade though.  Some are merely plain lettering, usually white on black, while others are more colorful.

A very colorful Cashmere sign

My favorite Cashmere ghost sign though, without a doubt, is painted high on the rear of a downtown building and is visible from the Aplets & Cotlets parking lot.  It’s really one of the coolest in the region. 

Modern Apartments in Cashmere

The font… the look… that Modern Apartments sign is awesome.

North Central Washington Ghost Signs:  Wenatchee – Part 2

A few weeks ago we posted about a few of the ghost signs found in Wenatchee.

North Central Washington Ghost Signs:  Wenatchee
The five photos showcased there don’t do the city justice though so we’ve hunted down some more examples of old and sometimes faded advertising and signage on the buildings in town.  Looking up high or in a city’s back alleys is a great way to find some of the hidden history that sometimes lurks in plain sight in our own backyards.

Some ghost signs reveal businesses that may have played a role in a city’s past.

Morris Hardware
Montgomery Ward
Wenatchee Avenue

While others may offer a look at an entire industry or business concept that became outdated, obsolete, or just no longer viable.

Cold Storage

Still other ghost signs just offer a whimsical look at nostalgic advertising.

Sliced Ham & Bacon!

Keep looking up, behind, and around for some classic North Central Washington ghost signs or old advertising!  Hopefully we’ll find more worth sharing soon.