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Five Fun Facts About The Entiat Valley

The Entiat Valley is accessible off of Highway 97A just south of Entiat, between Wenatchee and Chelan. Turning up the Entiat River Road will lead you to some great scenery and some nice recreational opportunities. The Entiat Valley makes for a nice drive on a pleasant afternoon, or you can head there to go camping or hiking too.

Here are five fun facts about The Entiat Valley.

From Start To Finish

The Entiat River starts high in the Glacier Peak Wilderness and travels 57 miles to where it ends when it empties into the Columbia River.

Fish On!

The Entiat National Fish Hatchery in the Entiat Valley opened for operation way back in 1941. In 2017, the shoreline on the Entiat River at the fish hatchery opened to anglers for the first time ever.

Welcome to Ardenvoir

The community of Ardenvoir sits just nine miles up the EntiatValley from the town of Entiat. It started as a logging and mining camp.

Not That One!

One of the top attractions in the Entiat Valley is Silver Falls. This scenic waterfall is 140 feet tall and offers a loop trail that climbs from the parking area below all the way to near the top and back down. There is another Silver Falls in Washington that is also a popular hiking spot. That one is located near Mount Rainier.

Creek Names

Some of the creeks you’ll pass by or be very near as you drive through the Entiat Valley include Pope Creek, Jungle Creek, Silver Creek, Lake Creek, Tommy Creek, Fox Creek, Burns Creek, McCrea Creek, Brennegan Creek, Mott Creek, Preston Creek, Tyee Creek, Shamel Creek, Stormy Creek, Potato Creek, Roundy Creek, Mud Creek, and Roaring Creek.

NCW Photo of the Week: The Bridge Over the Mouth of the Entiat River

Highway 97A connects Wenatchee and Chelan on the west side of the Columbia River. About halfway up it is the town of Entiat and the point where the Entiat River flows into the Columbia. Spanning that river is this bridge here. In the summer, it is not uncommon to see boats hanging out near it and people walking about in the shallow water.

Video of Ice Dam Collapse On Entiat River

This video is from January 2009, but it shows the Entiat River after an ice dam collapsed upstream. Check out the huge chunks of ice, trees, and debris as it flows downstream at a pretty high speed.


The Entiat River flows out of the Entiat River Valley, located just north of Wenatchee, and into the Columbia River. The valley is a very popular place for outdoor recreation enthusiasts and provides areas for camping, hiking, horseback riding, mountain biking, off road vehicle use, and more.

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New Photos Of The Mad River And Entiat River Are Online

We’ve recently added photos of both the Mad River as well as a few of the Entiat River to our “Rivers of NCW” gallery. Both of these rivers can be found in the Entiat Valley with the Mad River flowing into the Entiat River right at Ardenvoir, a small community nestled in the forest.

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