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Food Truck Event Coming To East Wenatchee And North Central Washington

Food Truck Event Coming To East Wenatchee
We’re big fans of unique and interesting events coming to North Central Washington. With that in mind, check out this very cool happening coming to East Wenatchee in September!
Washington Food Truck Festival - East Wenatchee
This event will see multiple food trucks come in from all over the state to produce for you their signature dishes. Also included in the event will be inflatables for the kids, a vendor fair, and a battle of the bands. There’s also a food truck challenge too!

Admission is $5 and kids 12 and under get in free.

This event is hosted by Cherry Creek Media.

Saturday, September 23rd – 11am – 7pm

Location: Eastmont Four Plex (255 N. Georgia Avenue)

Two recommendations if you’re a fan of food trucks.

Check out the movie: Chef

Check out the reality series: The Great Food Truck Race

Check Out The Pangborn Airport Webcam!

Webcams have a number of uses. You can use them to check out the scenery in far away places, get a look at what a potential vacation destination looks like, or just see a glimpse of what life is like in a location you’ve never been to. You can also use them in your own backyard.

Pangborn Airport has a great webcam available for North Central Washington residents to use. It’s great for getting a look at the weather in the Wenatchee and East Wenatchee area or just watching the comings and goings and other action at the airport. Check it out at the link below!

Pangborn Airport Webcam

This webcam is supplied courtesy of FlyWenatchee.com!

Fun Facts About The Columbia River Bridge At Wenatchee

The Columbia River Bridge is one of the most storied bridges in the entire North Central Washington region. It is a bit taken for granted now, but the history of this impressive and amazing structure, is very interesting. Especially considering how long ago it was built. Here is a look at five fun facts about the Columbia River Bridge in Wenatchee.

-The old Columbia River Bridge in Wenatchee was the first bridge to carry motor traffic across the Columbia River when it opened in 1908. It also had two pipes strapped to its side carrying irrigation water to where East Wenatchee sits now.

-The man who planned the building of the Columbia River Bridge was W.T. Clark who had also been one of the builders of the Highline Canal that was responsible for irrigating so many orchards in the Wenatchee area.

-At the time it opened, the Columbia River Bridge was privately owned. The owners started charging a toll to cross it a couple of years after it opened and this prompted civic leaders of Wenatchee to put in a request that the state buy the bridge and make it part of the early highway system, which they did.

-The Columbia River Bridge, currently used as a pedestrian only bridge, was used by cars up until 1950 when a newer bridge was built immediately south of it.

-The construction cost of the Columbia River Bridge was $177,000.