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Fun Facts About Dry Falls Dam

Dry Falls Dam was one of the many important achievements in the Columbia Basin Irrigation Project that was started so long ago and has brought so much agricultural prosperity to the region. Here are five fun facts about this interesting engineering feature that you may have even driven right across.

-Dry Falls Dam was completed in 1949

-Dry Falls Dam backs up water in the Grand Coulee that forms Banks Lake. The water that fills up Banks Lake is pumped up from the Columbia River at Grand Coulee Dam.

-Dry Falls Dam measures in at 123 feet high.

-Water is diverted from Banks Lake, through Dry Falls Dam, then through two tunnels that mearsure two miles in length, then it travels by canal to Billy Clapp Lake where it is stored for further irrigation use behind Pinto Dam.

-While the major dams on the Columbia River in the area are made of concrete, Dry Falls Dam is an earthen dam that is faced with rock.