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Five Fun Facts About The Chelan Dam

Chelan Dam

North Central Washington has more than its fair share of impressive dams. The most famous in the region is of course Grand Coulee Dam. There are other important ones too and one of those is the Chelan Dam which helps with the water management of Lake Chelan.

Here are five fun facts about the Chelan Dam.

What’s In A Name?

While popularly known as the Chelan Dam, the official name is the Lake Chelan Hydroelectric Project.

The Shortest Of Them All

The Chelan Dam sits on the Chelan River. The river is just 4.1 miles long. This makes it the shortest river in the entire state of Washington.

Underground Flow

Water going through the Chelan Dam for power production actually travels a little over two miles underground through a tunnel to the powerhouse that sits adjacent to the Columbia River.

Birth Notice

Construction on the Chelan Dam began in 1926 and it opened in 1927. This was at least the fourth dam built on the Chelan River. The first two were wooden versions that would be washed out by high water. The third was completed in 1903 and brought the first electricity to the city of Chelan.


The Chelan Dam measures in at 40 feet high and 490 feet across. It includes eight spillway bays.

Five Fun Facts About Twenty-Five Mile Creek State Park

Twenty Five Mile Creek State Park

North Central Washington is home to some great state parks. The Lake Chelan area is a top destination and on its southern shore is Twenty-Five Mile Creek State Park. The park is popular with both campers and boaters and has easy access to to both the lower and upper part of the lake.

Here are five fun facts about Twenty-Five Mile Creek State Park.

Private Property

Prior to its development as a state park, the area that is now Twenty-Five Mile Creek State Park was orifinally developed as a private resort.

67 Spots

There are 67 total campsites at Twenty-Five Mile Creek State Park. 46 of them are tent sites and there are 21 more that offer limited utilities.

How Big?

Twenty-Five Mile Creek State Park covers 235 acres of land on Chelan’s south shore.

Long Ago Campers

Long before it became a state park and a much sought after destination for campers, the area where Twenty-Five Mile Creek State Park now sits was a Native American seasonal encampment.

Firefighter Lodging

Many times when wildfires have been active on the south shore of Lake Chelan or higher up in the hills, Twenty-Five Mile Creek State Park has been used as a staging area for firefighting equipment, as well as an area to house firefighters.

5 Fun Facts About Slidewaters Waterpark In Chelan

Chelan is a top vacation destination and one of the true gems of North Central Washington. One of the more fun attractions there, especially for families, is Slidewaters Waterpark. Packed with waterslides and plenty of other opportunities for fun, it really is the kind of place that makes a visit to Chelan all that more memorable.

Here is a look at five fun facts about Slidewaters Waterpark in Chelan.

When Did It All Start?

Slidewaters Water Park opened in Chelan in 1983 and featured four waterslides at the time.

It’s Gettin’ Hot In Here…

The hot tub at Slidewaters Water Park has a capacity of 60 people!

Need A Break?

The lazy river that allows you to take a relaxing float around part of the property there was added to Slidewaters Water Park in 2012.

Total Number Of Slides

Slidewaters Water Park has a total of 12 different slides. Nine are meant for body rides, two are innertube rides, and one is a mat ride.


2015 saw Slidewaters ranked the 7th best waterpark in the entire USA.

Check out Slidewaters Waterpark online: SLIDEWATERS

Is A Lake Chelan Condo Stay In Your Future?

Lake Chelan Dock

It doesn’t matter if you’re from North Central Washington or visiting this beautiful region from outside it. You know one of the top vacation attractions here is Lake Chelan. This famous lake attracts people all year long and there is so much to see and do both out on the water there, as well as in different areas around it. One of the top ways to see it is by waking up in the morning and already being there.

If you’re looking for a place to stay when you visit Lake Chelan, you should check out a condo stay at Chelan Resort Suites.

Chelan Resort Suites Bedroom

The well equipped condos at Chelan Resort Suites are the perfect place to enjoy Chelan and Lake Chelan from. During warmer months, everyone wants to go to Lake Chelan to get in the water. This water is cold and refreshing all year long, thanks to the fact that it comes right off the slopes of the mountains of the North Cascades. When you stay at Chelan Resort Suites, you’ll have prime access to the water. Right outside your door or just beyond your balcony is a beautiful park area with plenty of water access. Whether you’re there with or without children, this will help make your visit all that it can be.

Chelan is also a popular destination for those looking for a nice dinner experience. You can reach most Chelan restaurants on foot right from the front door of your condo when you stay at Chelan Resort Suites. Also within walking distance are pubs, shops, historical sites, other parks, water slides, and more.

Just because you’re staying in Chelan doesn’t mean you can’t venture out. There are lots of places to drive to from there and explore like Manson, Leavenworth, Winthrop, Twisp, Rocky Reach Dam, Chelan Falls, Lake Chelan State Park, Wenatchee, Cashmere, Grand Coulee Dam, Alta Lake State Park, and the Entiat and Methow valleys. You’ll also find plenty of wineries, fruit stands, cider mills, and more to visit too. There’s even a small casino nearby. You can also take a ride on the Lady of the Lake up Lake Chelan and visit STehekin, a small town with no roads connecting it to the outside world. An extended stay in Chelan really should be enhanced with a look at exploring the surrounding area.

Chelan Resort Suites Hot Tub

You also don’t have to leave your condo to have a great time either. Chelan Resort Suites offers a barbecue area, balconies, wireless internet, and a pool. The rooms are also very comfortable and modern, perfect for snuggling in and enjoying a quiet time in your home away from home.

A weekend or longer in Chelan is a great idea for anyone. If you want to make it the best experience that it can be, look into staying at Chelan Resort Suites right near the water and so close to so many other things. Check out their website for more information!

2220 W Woodin Ave
Chelan, WA 98816

Book Sunny Daze For Your Chelan, Washington Getaway

Sunny Daze Vacation Rental

Locals know that Lake Chelan is one of those special places that really does offer something for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you’re from far away or if you live nearby, you can have a great time there like everyone else who heads there year after year. An awesome way to experience the community is by renting a vacation home. One nice option worth looking into is Sunny Daze.

Sunny Daze comfortably sleeps up to 10 people and is located in The Lookout neighborhood. Some of the more popular attractions in Chelan include the many beaches and waterfront parks, the historic downtown area, and the surrounding countryside. When you stay at Sunny Daze, you’ll easily be able to reach all of those rather effortlessly. You’ll also be conveniently located near a number of places where you can go to get out on the water either via fishing trips, boat tours, boat rentals, personal watercraft rentals, and kayak.

Sunny Daze Chelan Vacation Rental

Back at the house, you’ll find plenty of room for everyone. You’ll also find well stocked libraries of books and DVD’s there, and free wireless internet. From the backyard you’ll have a nice view of the local orchards, the far off mountains, and of course Lake Chelan. You’ll also find a golf putting green, small waterfall, barbecue, and gas powered fire pit. Each of the living spaces and bedrooms inside are comfortably decorated and the kitchen is well outfitted for all your needs. Sunny Daze really does have it all.

Just a short walk from the home is the Lookout Park. This small park is home to a climbing toy for the little ones, a large open green space, as well as an outdoor fireplace, gas powered fire pit, pickle ball court, and swimming pool. Being located so close to this is just one more feature that makes Sunny Daze a great Chelan vacation rental.

Find Sunny Daze online:

On the Web: Sunny Daze


The Stehekin River flows out of the high Cascade Mountains right into world famous Lake Chelan. The mouth of the river is right at a village that shares its name. This area is not accessible by road and can only be reached by hiking trail, float plane, and boat. The river is the main source of water for Lake Chelan and is an important part of the local area. Some of the popular attractions near the river are Silver Bay, Rainbow Falls, Buckner Homestead Historical District, and the Golden West Visitor Center.

Here are five fun facts about the Stehekin River:


From where it starts to where it empties into Lake Chelan, the Stehekin River is 17 miles long.


The name Stehekin comes from a Native American word meaning “the way through”.


About twelve and a half miles northwest of Stehekin, right on the Stehekin Valley Road, is a bridge taking the road over the Stehekin River. This bridge is a wood and steel type and was built in 1971. It is owned and maintained by the National Park Service.


The Buckner Homestead Historic District covers roughly 50 acres along the Stehekin River. The oldest cabin on the land was built in 1889. The Buckner family bought the homestead in 1910 and owned it until 1970 when they sold it to the National Park Service.


The Stehekin River collects the water of 26 creeks over the length of its flow.

The Lakeview Drive-In Is A Chelan Tradition

Lakeview Drive In with Lake

Chelan is an awesome place to visit, whether you live nearby and need an afternoon away or you’re traveling from across the mountains for a weekend or longer stay on the shores of one of the most beautiful lakes in America. You’ll find the community and the surrounding area has a long list of things to experience too. You just can’t go wrong by choosing it as your destination.

When you go, there are some things you must experience, and one of them is to pay a visit to the Lakeview Drive In.

The Lakeview Drive In sits right on the shore of Lake Chelan and has been providing friendly service and great food since 1957. You can go to the drive thru there and head home with a chicken basket, double cheeseburger, hot dog, or milkshake that will satisfy you perfectly. You can also park your car, order your meal, and eat at a picnic table while you enjoy a view out over the water. That’s the best way to experience it. Leisurely eating some great food as you look out over all the action on Lake Chelan, including boating, swimming, parasailing, jetskiing, windsurfing, and even watching the floatplanes come and go can be a real fun way to enjoy the community.

Lakeview Drive In Menu

Visiting the Lakeview Drive In can be a walk down memory lane because it’ll remind you of drive-in eating experiences from days gone by. If you’re a burger fan, then this is the place for you. There are several different types of burgers to pick from, each of them very popular and very tasty. You can also get items there like fish & chips, chicken strips, grilled cheese sandwich, onion rings, foot long hot dog, and a variety of salads. The prices are affordable and the serving sizes are generous too so you’re sure to go away from the Lakeview Drive In having been satisfied.

Don’t go home from there though having just had a great burger and fries. You can’t leave without making sure you have one of the awesome milkshakes from the Lakeview Drive In. Many people drive for miles just for the milkshake alone. Once you try one, you’ll see why.

Lakeview Drive In Burger

Next time you’re in, near, or passing by Chelan make sure you stop off at the Lakeview Drive In for a great outdoor dining experience in a beautiful setting. If you don’t have time for that, at least sample one of the legendary milkshakes they serve there.

Check out the Lakeview Drive In online:

Chelan’s Lakeview Drive In

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Sushi Done Right At Maki Sushi In Chelan


The city of Chelan is a popular getaway. It works for families and couples alike. It’s also a great destination all year long including both summer and winter. Chelan offers a lot to do and see, from recreation to museums and more. Chelan also offers a lot of fun places to go and get out to eat and drink.

One of Chelan’s strengths, one that you’re sure to enjoy, is the wide variety of different types of cuisine you can choose from. Maki Sushi fills a void that a lot of people have complained about on the east side of the Cascade Mountains. That’s because finding good sushi this far away from Seattle and the rest of the coast can be difficult. But that’s not true when you’re visiting Chelan. Whether going there for the weekend, a long stay, or just a drive from home, you can find great sushi at Maki Sushi.

Maki Sushi is located at 127 E. Johnson Ave in Chelan, very near to the center of town and right in the middle of all the action. Like most of the bars, restaurants, cafes, and shops there, it is within easy walking distance of most anything.


When you enter Maki Sushi you’ll find it a very friendly and inviting, both in decor and the level of service. The menu covers all the sushi basics so you’re sure to find something that you like right off the bat. Some of the favorites right off the menu include rolls like Fuji, Firecracker, Dragon, California, Caterpillar, and Triple Shrimp. Other favorites include the Sashimi Platter, Tonkatsu, Pho, and a nice selection of Teriyaki Bowls. Many people are surprised to find sushi available in Chelan. When they taste it they are even more surprised to find that this restaurant in this little community produces sushi this tasty.

If your tastes lean towards seafood or if you have a fondness for sushi, and if you live near or think you’ll soon be visiting Chelan, give Maki Sushi a try. You won’t regret it.

Check out Maki Sushi online:

Maki Sushi in Chelan

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