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Fun Facts About Bridgeport, Washington

The city of Bridgeport sits along the Columbia River in Douglas County, surrounded by orchards and sagebrush covered hills. It’s just downstream of Chief Joseph Dam, one of the more impressive hydroelectric dams in the nation. Here is a quick look at five fun facts about this nice little rural community.

What’s In A Name?

When the Bridgeport area was originally settled in the late 1800s, it was named Westfield.

Named After What?

The community was renamed Bridgeport in 1892, shortly after being purchased by developers who had come to the area from Bridgeport, Connecticut.

World Record Holder’s Hometown

On October 5, 1931, pilot Clyde Pangborn, along with co-pilot Hugh Herndon, successfully completed the first transPacific flight from Japan to the United States, landing above what would become East Wenatchee. Pangborn was a native of Bridgeport, Washington.

River Crossing

The first road used by settlers coming to North Central Washington led from Ellensburg to a ferry crossing near Wenatchee. It then went north from there and eventually came to another ferry crossing at a point where Bridgeport would eventually be founded.

Highway 173

State Highway 173 travels right through Bridgeport, connecting Highway 17 to the east to US Highway 97 at Brewster to the west. Bridgeport’s connection to Brewster via Highway 173 was broken in 1967 when the Brewster Bridge was destroyed by a fire. The replacement bridge wasn’t completed until a few years later and in the meantime, traffic going that direction had to make use of a short ferry crossing.

NCW Photo of the Week: Bridgeport, Washington

Here is a look at the Bridgeport Plaza in Bridgeport, Washington. Bridgeport is located just downriver of the famous Chief Joseph Dam. It is in a very interesting portion of North Central Washington, within a few minutes of the forests of the Cascades and also the near desert like features east of there. It can be a great stop on a drive east towards Grand Coulee Dam, north to Omak or Okanogan, or west to Winthrop and the North Cascades Highway.