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Five Things You May Not Know About Brewster, Washington

Brewster, Washington
The town of Brewster sits on US Highway 97 on the way north to Okanogan and the Canadian border or south to Lake Chelan and Wenatchee. It’s a nice little city to stop for a visit or at least pull off the highway for a quick stop.

Here’s a look at five fun facts about Brewster, Washington.

The Town Name

One of the earliest settlers to the area where Brewster is now located was John Bruster. It’s from him that the town gets its name.

Bye Bye Bridge

In August of 1967, the Brewster Bridge, which connects the town to the Douglas County side of the Columbia River, was completely destroyed by a fire. For years, crossing the river there was done by ferry until a replacement bridge was completed.

Brewster, Washington

A Long, Long Way Away

The town of Brewster sits right on the Columbia River. If you were to take a canoe from there to the Pacific Ocean, you’d travel about 530 miles.

Quite A Population Difference!

The town of Brewster has a population of right around 2,500 people. Its sister city is Takahagi, Japan. Takahagi’s population is just under 30,000.

The Local Hospital

For decades, the hospital in Brewster was known as the Okanogan Douglas County District Hospital. In 2011, a contest was held and the name Three Rivers Hospital was selected as the new name.

Fun Facts About Brewster Bridge

The Brewster Bridge has a unique history. Though the highway it carries across the Columbia River is not considered a major road, it is vital to the local residents. Here is a look at five fun facts about the Brewster Bridge.

-The original Brewster Bridge opened in 1928.

-At the time it opened, the Brewster Bridge was a privately owned toll bridge.

-The Brewster Bridge was bought by the Washington Department of Highways which raised it seven and a half feet in preparation for the rising waters behind Wells Dam.

-The Brewster Bridge was destroyed by a fire in 1967 and was not rebuilt until the early 1970s. During that time, there was a ferry crossing that took its place at that point on the river.

-The new Brewster Bridge, the one currently in use, was built right on the same concrete piers of the one that had been previously burned down.

Brewster Community Photo Gallery Online

Brewster, WA

Brewster, Washington sits just north of the community of Pateros in North Central Washington. The Columbia River runs right past it and the town has strong agricultural ties. We’ve just added Brewster to the ever growing list of communities featured in our NCW Communities Photo Gallery.

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