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Utilize The WSDOT’s Mountain Passes Pages!

WSDOT Mountain Pass Page

Will you be driving into or out of the North Central Washington region during the winter months? One of the best tools you can have to prepare for the drive comes courtesy of the Washington State Department of Transportation. Right on their website, one link away from their homepage, is the mountain passes page.

The WSDOT’s Mountain Passes page is home to links to every mountain pass in the entire state. Then when you open those links up, you’ll see the current temperature, road conditions, any planned maintenance, and also images from some of the traffic cameras.

Here in North Central Washington the main passes we care about are Blewett, Stevens, and Snoqualmie. Knowing before you go what the conditions are there can help in planning how long your trip might take, knowing what to expect, and even knowing if you should reschedule your trip across the mountains. You can find all that and more on the WSDOT’s mountain pass page.

A very valuable tool for us travelers, especially in winter, check out the WSDOT’s Mountain Passes page.

WSDOT Mountain Pass Page

The Liberty Cafe on Blewett Pass

Having driven by it a number of times, finally got to check out the Liberty Cafe on Blewett Pass. This small little eatery sits on the south side of the pass, near the turnoff for Liberty (naturally), and just north of the junction of US 97 and SR 970.


It’s a welcoming place and as soon as you walk in you feel very comfortable. There isn’t a lot of room if you are traveling with a big group but there is plenty of character. Don’t forget to check out the cool collection of coffee mugs too.


The important part though is the food. That’s why you’re stopping, right? They have a good looking breakfast menu and quite a few other meal options too. My son and I were road tripping and since he chose the Bacon Burger… I thought I’d join in…


…and it was awesome. The surprise star of the roadside meal though, for both of us, was the french fries. We later found out that they take pride at the Liberty Cafe in cutting their own fries fresh. You can definitely tell they’re not serving you something frozen out of a bag. It shows.

This will not be the last time we stop at the Liberty Cafe!

Video: Scenes From Old Blewett Highway

From a recent trip across Old Blewett Highway. This is a great little diversion to take if you have the time while crossing Blewett Pass. It goes over the mountains at a higher altitude and offers some amazing views of the surrounding forest. The entire trip is about 11 miles or so, but the going is a lot slower than down on the new highway.


Give it a shot if you have the time!

Photo of the Week: Blewett Pass Fire Department

Blewett Pass Fire Department

Located in the Valley Hi community in between the turn off known as the Big Y and the top of Blewett Pass is the Blewett Pass Fire Department. Blewett Pass is more than just a way to get across the mountains between the Ellensburg / Cle Elum are and the Wenatchee / Leavenworth area. Plenty of people live in this area too. There are also orchards, fruit stands, hiking trails, creeks, and the beautiful land of the Wenatchee National Forest too.