5 More Fun Facts About The Lake Wenatchee Area

Lake Wenatchee Area

The Lake Wenatchee Area is one of the more beautiful parts of North Central Washington. It is home to vacation homes, small communities, and even a state park. It’s very easy to have a great time in the Lake Wenatchee Area regardless of what time of year it is.

We did some fun facts about the Lake Wenatchee Area before:

5 Fun Facts About The Lake Wenatchee Area

Because it was so popular, here are five more fun facts about the Lake Wenatchee Area.

The Local Airport

Just north of Lake Wenatchee State Park is Lake Wenatchee State Airport. The airport features a turf runway that is 2,473 feet in length.

Logging Routes

Logging in the Lake Wenatchee area began shortly after the first settlers became established there. Logs were brought to Leavenworth by two main routes, either via the Wenatchee River during the high spring water or on the small Peavine Rail that was built right along the Chumstick Highway.

Name That Island

The island that sits in Lake Wenatchee, righ above where the Wenatchee River leaves it, is named Emerald Island.

Maximum Capacity

Lake Wenatchee State Park features just under 200 campsites, plus a large family campsite. Many of these sites are reservable online at: &&

Local Communities

There are several small unincorporated communities and former communities in the Lake Wenatchee Area. Some of these names include Telma, Coles Corner, Chumstick, Winton, Merritt, and Plain. Most of those who live in the area carry a Leavenworth mailing address.

Grant County Museums

Grant County is located in the eastern and southern portion of North Central Washington. When you visit Grant County, you’ll be visiting a very special part of Washington State. A part that features a great deal of farmland, the amazing Columbia River, and some lively communities and popular vacation getaways. You’ll be in the neighborhood of impressive hydroelectric dams, intriguing natural wonders, and also be able to enjoy one of the best climates in the entire state.

You’ll also be in an area that is home to a fascinating history. Much of that history is available to explore to, thanks to the many Grant County Museums.

Grant County Museums

Grant County Historical Museum
Grant County Historical Museum
Grant County Historical Museum is located near the east end of Ephrata and features a unique look, including historic buildings available for touring, at life in this rural county during its early days.

Moses Lake Museum & Art Center
The Moses Lake Museum & Art Center is a one-of-a-kind attraction featuring an interesting look at the early days of the community combined with an impressive art collection.

Wanapum Dam Heritage Center
Wanapum Heritage Center
Located inside the Wanapum Dam, one of the impressive hydroelectric dams on the Columbia River, the Wanapum Heritage Center not only looks at the history of settlement in the area but also Native American history as well.

Ginkgo Petrified Forest State Park
Ginkgo Petrified Forest State Park Visitor Center
Though technically not located within Grant County as it’s just across the Columbia River in Vantage, Ginkgo Petrified Forest State Park is one of the more fascinating state parks in the region. The visitor center there features incredible examples of petrified rock and a great look at the history of the discovery of this unique locale.

5 Fun Facts About North Central Washington Creeks

Twentyfive Mile Creek State Park

North Central Washington is home to a lot of water. A lot of that water is in the form of creeks too. Some of these are fish bearing, some run right along popular camping areas, and some are hidden away and not widely known.

Here are five fun facts about the creeks of North Central Washington.

The Creek or the Campground?

Just outside the boundaries of Lake Wenatchee State Park is a U.S. National Forest campground that shares its name with the creek that flows through it, Nason Creek Campground. It’s there at that campground that this significant creek becomes the first tributary to flow into the Wenatchee River.


Peshastin Creek comes tumbling off the Cascade Mountains near Blewett Pass and heads into the Wenatchee River near Dryden. The last eight and a half miles of the creek are actually listed as a class III-IV section of whitewater according to American Whitewater.

All Aboard!

In the early 1900’s, Douglas Creek saw a nine month building project by the Great Northern Railway end with the construction of what was known as the Mansfield Branch Line. This railroad line stretched from the Columbia River below Rock Island, up Moses Coulee, and across the Waterville Plateau to Mansfield, largely following Douglas Creek. The prime purpose of the rail line was to transport grain and the last train to use this route did so in 1985.

What’s In A Name?

Salmon Creek is known for draining the water from Conconully Lake and Conconully Reservoir all the way to the community of Okanogan and emptying into the Okanogan River. The community of Conconully was originally named Salmon City after the creek where ore deposits had been found.

Not Always A State Park

Twentyfive Mile Creek flows out of the Cascade Mountains and into Lake Chelan very near to the highest uplake portion of the lake you can reach by road. The creek meets the lake at what is now Twentyfive Mile Creek State Park. This spot was originally a private resort and was acquired by Washington State in 1972.

Food Truck Event Coming To East Wenatchee And North Central Washington

Food Truck Event Coming To East Wenatchee
We’re big fans of unique and interesting events coming to North Central Washington. With that in mind, check out this very cool happening coming to East Wenatchee in September!
Washington Food Truck Festival - East Wenatchee
This event will see multiple food trucks come in from all over the state to produce for you their signature dishes. Also included in the event will be inflatables for the kids, a vendor fair, and a battle of the bands. There’s also a food truck challenge too!

Admission is $5 and kids 12 and under get in free.

This event is hosted by Cherry Creek Media.

Saturday, September 23rd – 11am – 7pm

Location: Eastmont Four Plex (255 N. Georgia Avenue)

Two recommendations if you’re a fan of food trucks.

Check out the movie: Chef

Check out the reality series: The Great Food Truck Race

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