A Little Info On The Washington State Ferry: The Wenatchee

Diagram of The Wenatchee

At 460 Feet 2 Inches, the Washington State Department of Transportation’s Ferry ‘Wenatchee’ has a capacity of 2,500 passengers. Here is a link to the DOT’s page about the ‘Wenatchee’ ferry.

An interesting note regarding Washington’s Ferry System, it falls under the Department of Transportation’s responsibility so though they travel on water they are officially part of the state’s highway system.

The Wenatchee

Wenatchee Parks Take A Hit From Wind Storm Of 2007

Memorial Park Wind Damage 2007
On January 8th, 2007 the North Central Washington area was hit by a wind storm that brought sustained wind speeds from 40mph to 120+mph. Much damage was done to property, but luckily there were no serious injuries or deaths reported. Power was out for many Chelan and Douglas County residents for up to a few days in some areas but after many long days by local PUD linesman, things were back to normal… almost.

Though there was tons of damage done to homes and cars, some of the most visible damage was done to Wenatchee’s city parks. Many large trees that had provided shade from early in Wenatchee’s history are no more.

Memorial Park Wind Storm Damage 2007

Memorial Park lost a number of large trees and there will be less shade and shelter during this year’s Apple Blossom Festival.

Pioneer Park Wind Storm Damage 2007

Many of the largest trees at Pioneer Park were ripped right out of the soft earth and still lay on their sides.

Lincoln Park Wind Storm Damage 2007

Lincoln Park, known more for it’s wide open spaces than it’s tree cover, also sustained serious tree damage. Lincoln Park became headquarters for the city’s debris removal.

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