Wenatchee Ghost Signs - Wells and Wade


Wenatchee has a fair amount of ghost signs, old advertising either for businesses that are no longer there or for those who have been there a long time. Here in part four of our look at these very cool historical parts of the urban landscape we see everything from dry goods to freight to fruit packing represented.

Wells & Wade is a legendary name in Wenatchee and you can see it on a number of different buildings, including this light colored building near the downtown area.

Wenatchee Ghost Signs - Wells and Wade
Wells & Wade Fruit Co. – Downtown Wenatchee

Cascadian Fruit Shippers has one of the most decorated buildings in Wenatchee, when it comes to this sort of “warehouse art”. Here is the backside of their building, facing the railroad tracks.

Wenatchee Ghost Signs - Cascadian Fruit Shippers
Cascadian Fruit Shippers – Wenatchee Rail Line

This Freightways sign is painted on a brick building in South Wenatchee, just one block off Wenatchee Avenue.

Wenatchee Ghost Signs - Freightways
Freightways – South Wenatchee

Visible in a downtown alley in Wenatchee is this Powell & Co. sign that gives a unique look at what some of the businesses of the time were offering.

Wenatchee Ghost Signs - Powell and Co Dry Goods
Powell & Co Ready To Wear Dry Goods – Downtown Wenatchee

This faded sign along the Apple Capital Loop Trail where it heads towards Confluence State Park meets the qualifications for a ghost sign, even though it’s an odd entry, for sure.

Wenatchee Ghost Signs - Confluence State Park
Confluence State Park – Wenatchee at Apple Capital Loop Trail

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