NCW Dams

Many of the great features of North Central Washington are here due to the large amount of hydroelectric dams in the area. Below are some photos of the dams.  The goal is to eventually have all of the dams of North Central Washington represented here; from the big ones like Rocky Reach Dam and Grand Coulee Dam to the small ones like the Pinto Dam and the Tumwater Canyon Dam.

Chelan Dam

Photos of the Chelan Dam

Chief Joseph Dam

Photos of Chief Joseph Dam

Dry Falls Dam

Photos of Dry Falls Dam

Grand Coulee Dam

Photos of Grand Coulee Dam

Pinto Dam

Photos of Pinto Dam

O'Sullivan Dam

Photos of O'Sullivan Dam

Rock Island Dam

Photos of Rock Island Dam

Rocky Reach Dam

Photos of Rocky Reach Dam

Tumwater Canyon Dam

Photos of Tumwater Canyon Dam

Wanapum Dam

Photos of Wanapum Dam

Wells Dam

Photos of Wells Dam

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