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5 More Fun Facts About The Lake Wenatchee Area

Lake Wenatchee Area

The Lake Wenatchee Area is one of the more beautiful parts of North Central Washington. It is home to vacation homes, small communities, and even a state park. It’s very easy to have a great time in the Lake Wenatchee Area regardless of what time of year it is.

We did some fun facts about the Lake Wenatchee Area before:

5 Fun Facts About The Lake Wenatchee Area

Because it was so popular, here are five more fun facts about the Lake Wenatchee Area.

The Local Airport

Just north of Lake Wenatchee State Park is Lake Wenatchee State Airport. The airport features a turf runway that is 2,473 feet in length.

Logging Routes

Logging in the Lake Wenatchee area began shortly after the first settlers became established there. Logs were brought to Leavenworth by two main routes, either via the Wenatchee River during the high spring water or on the small Peavine Rail that was built right along the Chumstick Highway.

Name That Island

The island that sits in Lake Wenatchee, righ above where the Wenatchee River leaves it, is named Emerald Island.

Maximum Capacity

Lake Wenatchee State Park features just under 200 campsites, plus a large family campsite. Many of these sites are reservable online at: &&

Local Communities

There are several small unincorporated communities and former communities in the Lake Wenatchee Area. Some of these names include Telma, Coles Corner, Chumstick, Winton, Merritt, and Plain. Most of those who live in the area carry a Leavenworth mailing address.