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5 More Fun Facts About Stevens Pass In North Central Washington

Stevens Pass

Stevens Pass was an important discovery in terms of the development of North Central Washington. From a railroad, highway, and trail perspectives, many people and a lot of goods head in and out of the area by traveling that way.

We did five fun facts about Stevens Pass awhile ago and it proved pretty popular:

5 Fun Facts About Stevens Pass In North Central Washington

With that in mind, here are five more fun facts about Stevens Pass.

A Second Tunnel?

The Cascade Tunnel is a railroad tunnel that goes beneath Stevens Pass and stretches for 7.8 miles. It opened in 1929, replacing an earlier one that had also gone by the name of The Cascade Tunnel.

Walk This Way

The pedestrian bridge that crosses U.S. 2 at the ski area at the top of Stevens Pass was constructed in 2010.

Mountain Names

The Stevens Pass Ski Area operates at the top of Stevens Pass. The ski area offers lifts and runs on both Cowboy Mountain and Big Chief Mountain.

Who Built Them?

Both the original and current tunnels that are open to train travel beneath Stevens Pass were built by the Great Northern Railway.

Imagine Life Without It

The state highway over Stevens Pass was opened on July 11, 1925.