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5 Fun Facts About The Lake Wenatchee Area

Lake Wenatchee State Park

The Lake Wenatchee Area is located in the Cascade Mountains, to the west of Leavenworth and east of the Stevens Pass summit. This is a popular vacation spot at all times of the year and features Lake Wenatchee State Park among other attractions. With lots of cabin and vacation rental options, it’s no wonder so many people go there year after year.

Here are five fun facts about the Lake Wenatchee Area.

Fish On!

A popular fishing destination in the Lake Wenatchee Area is Fish Lake, located just north of Lake Wenatchee State Park. Three main fish species are fished for there by both local and visiting anglers: Rainbow Trout, German Brown Trout, and Yellow Perch.

Public Access

There are three government run park facilities on the shores of Lake Wenatchee. Glacier View Campground is on the southwestern end of the lake and is operated by the United States National Forest. Lake Wenatchee State Park is on the east end of the lake and is divided into two sections by the Wenatchee River right where it leaves the lake.

Where’d That Post Office Go?

The community of Plain was home to a post office that serviced the Lake Wenatchee area from 1916 to 1936.

What’s In A Name?

Prior to taking on the name of Plain, this small town was originally known as Beaver Valley.

Water In – Water Out

Lake Wenatchee is filled mainly by the water from the White River and the Little Wenatchee River. The water from the lake drains out through the Wenatchee River which leads all the way to Wenatchee before emptying into the Columbia River.