Panda Express Opens In Wenatchee

Some excitement on a level a little higher than what would normally be for a lunch or dinner spot hit Wenatchee last week when construction finished an Panda Express opened for business.

Panda Express is located on North Wenatchee Avenue, next to Discount Tire. It’s nearest competition is EZ’s, Wendy’s and Sonic. Convenient Asian food on the north end of town might just be what people are looking for too.

The drive-thru was backed up all the way to the road for the first couple of days. The line was out the door too as hungry locals wanted to try the food out.

It’s a convenient ordering process at Panda Express, as you basically get your choice of three sides and about eight entrees. Order a “bowl” and it’s your choice of one side and one entree. A “plate” gets you one side and two entrees. And for the very hungry, a “bigger plate” which gives you one side and three entrees. You can also get a few special add-ons like egg rolls or order family-size orders too.

It’s always nice to have more choices when it’s time to go get something to eat. Welcome to Wenatchee, Panda Express!