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A Wenatchee Area Christmas Light Must-See

If you love Christmas lights and live in the Wenatchee area, you need to check out the Nelson Family Lights!  A light display so awesome it has its own Facebook page:

This fantastic LED light display is set to music you can listen along to.  Just pull up, find a safe parking spot, make sure you’re not blocking the road or the driveway, and tune to 105.5 on your car radio.  Here’s a very small sample.

Thanks for the family fun, Nelson Family!

Video: Crescent Bar, Washington Without Water! Wanapum Dam Drawdown

Here’s some footage shot at the popular Eastern Washington getaway spot, Crescent Bar. With the drawdown of the water behind Wanapum Dam, a lot of riverbed that has not been seen since the dam was completed in 1964 has emerged in plain sight. Crescent Bar is known for golf, sunny days, boating, swimming, and some wild times. It sure doesn’t look the same here!

This Snowy Barrier Is A Familiar Sight Some Winters In Wenatchee

If you’ve driven through Wenatchee lately you no doubt noticed the long ridge line of snow going down the middle of the road. The snow has got to go somewhere, right? While some cities plow to the side and then leave it up to local residents and businesses to decide how to get rid of the fluffy white stuff, Wenatchee has a tradition of crafting a frozen barrier between lanes instead. It can make making a left turn a little tough and can also make for some fun to watch driving strategies be put on display too.

Leavenworth Hip Hop Video

Okay, have you seen the new Leavenworth hip hop video? This is a travel video recently made that gives a completely different spin on Leavenworth. What a great idea and big time congratulations for pulling off an excellent music video that is funny and informative!

We all know Leavenworth is a fun place to visit because of all that it has to offer: outdoor recreation, great food, beautiful scenery, a fun atmosphere, and some of the best shopping around. But this is such a creative way to show off this fabulous destination!


“Have some fun in the sun with the Bavarians” – Awesome!

“Shout outs to the center of the state!” – Too funny!

“Watch the beats fall like autumn leaves right outta the sky” – Great!

“Kris Kringle got the jingle and Woody got the rhyme.” – Again, too funny!

“He’s cool like kielbasa… and juicy like a brawt!” – Nicely done!

A tip of the hat from me… great job!

Video: A Bridge To A Cure Breast Cancer Fundraiser Exhibition

A little less than a month ago, Wenatchee was home to A Bridge To A Cure, a fundraiser for breast cancer. This project looked for the donation of 1,000 decorated bras that would then be strung across the Riverwalk Bridge that connects Downtown Wenatchee with the Wenatchee Riverfront Railway area of the loop trail and riverfront park system.

To read more about this fundraiser, here is a story about it from the Wenatchee World back in September.

Here is a video showing some of the great artwork done by those that participated in this event.


Kayakers On The Wenatchee River – Video!

During the summer, especially early on, it isn’t uncommon to see kayakers out braving the waters of the Wenatchee River in the Tumwater Canyon area. Check out these kayakers braving the rapids!


Here is another great video showing a kayaker going over the Tumwater Dam in the Tumwater Canyon.

Photos of the Wenatchee River
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Photos of the Tumwater Dam
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Video Post: Swimming, Boating, And Cliff Jumping At Banks Lake

Banks Lake was formed by the building of Dry Falls Dam in the south and then pumping water up the hill from Grand Coulee Dam and filling up the northern section of Moses Coulee. Here is a nice video showing some boating, swimming, and yes… even cliff jumping on Banks Lake.


Photos of Banks Lake
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Photos of Dry Falls Dam
Photos of other North Central Washington dams