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Play North Central Washington Hangman!

One of the most popular games young people play in school is Hangman. They even designed a television game show around it, Wheel of Fortune. Don’t forget that you can play it right here at NCWpics too, the only thing different is that with North Central Washington Hangman all the puzzles are geographic places, activities, and other things associated with the North Central Washington area. Have fun and play it over and over again!

Click here to play North Central Washington Hangman.
When you grow tired of that, check out North Central Washington Magnetic Poetry!

Get Creative With North Central Washington Magnetic Poetry!

Has anyone ever heard of magnetic poetry? Its those little magnetic word tiles that people put on their refrigerator that you can rearrange into messages or poems. We’ve gotten a lot of hits recently to our North Central Washington Hangman game, and we just wanted to point out that we also have North Central Washington Magnetic Poetry available here.

So, go on… get creative! Show us what you got!

Are You Feeling Poetic? Try Our NCW Magnetic Poetry!

Yes, it is still up and running and there are a few new additions on the NCW Magnetic Poetry feature of NCWpics. Magnetic Poetry is a common activity that you normally find on someones refrigerator. It consists of little magnetic word tiles that you manipulate to form original poetry that you compose. In our version of it here, it is all on your computer screen. One of the best poetic efforts we’ve seen lately is:

“Lake Wenatchee is offensive in the summer and a burrito shouldn’t burp the alphabet”

Whoever it was that left that one, thanks a bunch!

So, what kind of creativity do you have? Check out our NCW Magnetic Poetry and show us what you’ve got.

New Washington State Cities Directory

If you look on the top toolbar you’ll see there is a new link: “Official Websites of Washington State Cities”. If you click on this you’ll be taken to a new feature we have, it’s a directory of as many of the official websites of different cities here in Washington State. This contains towns in North Central Washington and also the rest of the state.

Bridges Of North Central Washington – Update

The Bridges of North Central Washington continues to be one of the most popular folders in our gallery.  From overpasses to pedestrian bridges, and everything in between, we continue to try and post the bridgework examples here in our area.

One of the latest:

Peshastin Bridge

is the Peshastin bridge crossing the Wenatchee river and connecting the town with Highway 2.

See more of the Bridges of North Central Washinton!