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Utilize The WSDOT’s Mountain Passes Pages!

WSDOT Mountain Pass Page

Will you be driving into or out of the North Central Washington region during the winter months? One of the best tools you can have to prepare for the drive comes courtesy of the Washington State Department of Transportation. Right on their website, one link away from their homepage, is the mountain passes page.

The WSDOT’s Mountain Passes page is home to links to every mountain pass in the entire state. Then when you open those links up, you’ll see the current temperature, road conditions, any planned maintenance, and also images from some of the traffic cameras.

Here in North Central Washington the main passes we care about are Blewett, Stevens, and Snoqualmie. Knowing before you go what the conditions are there can help in planning how long your trip might take, knowing what to expect, and even knowing if you should reschedule your trip across the mountains. You can find all that and more on the WSDOT’s mountain pass page.

A very valuable tool for us travelers, especially in winter, check out the WSDOT’s Mountain Passes page.

WSDOT Mountain Pass Page

Okanogan Complex Fire – Twitter Accounts You Need To Follow


North Central Washington continues to burn with wildfires in the Chelan area as well as further north around Okanogan.

The Okanogan Complex Fire has forced evacuations in several towns like Winthrop, Twisp, Tonasket, Riverside, Omak, and Okanogan. Coming just one year after the significant Carlton Complex Fire, it’s almost unbelievable to local residents. The fires in various locations have also closed several local highways. This has made traveling about, getting to work and back, finding a way home, or finding a route to gain access to a friend or neighbor to provide help very difficult.

Like any disaster situation, keeping up with current information can be tough. Social media really is the way to go. Here are some must follow Twitter accounts with great info related to the Okanogan Complex Fire

Government Twitter Accounts
WSDOT East on Twitter
Washington State Parks on Twitter
Washington Emergency Management on Twitter
Washington Department of Natural Resources on Twitter
@Washington Department of Natural Resources Fire on Twitter
Inciweb on Twitter
Okanogan County Emergency Management on Twitter

Media Twitter Accounts
KOMO News on Twitter
KING 5 on Twitter
KREM 2 on Twitter
KHQ on Twitter
Wenatchee World on Twitter
KXLY 4 on Twitter
KOZI Radio on Twitter
The Methow Valley News on Twitter
The Omak Chronicle on Twitter

Of course, following the hashtag #OkanoganComplex on any social media platform will always get you some good information, including these photos posted to Pinterest:

Okanogan Complex photos on Pinterest

Want A One-Of-A-Kind Vacation? Visit Russian And Eastern Europe

We posted earlier about an unusual destination for a vacation, well here is another one. If you’re looking at taking a vacation to a beautiful and historically significant area of the world, look into booking a trip to Russia and Eastern Europe. The experiences you get in seldom traveled to places like this will last a lifetime and make you the envy of your friends.

If you’re serious about wanting an unforgettable vacation, booking Russia holidays and Poland holidays is the way to go. Seeing the sites of old world Eastern Europe is something that most of us just dream about. Forget about the History Channel or magazines, imagine looking at sites like the Kremlin and the birthplace of Pope John Paul II with your own eyes. Similar experiences are available by planning and booking Estonia holidays, visits to this part of the world are experiences that are simply beyond belief. If you want an experience like this, check out

Get Top Notch Business Software Information

There are lots of different business software packages available on the market today, and these even come in a variety of available versions, the trick is finding the package that is best for you. To do this, you need exceptional information supplied in an easy to read format that disects different software packages and tells you about their benefits as well as their liabilities. So, are you in need of a reliable business software review?

Whether you are looking for information on Quickbooks, Peachtree, Quicken or any of the other popular business software packages, you can find reliable information at Many software packages are in fact quite expensive, sometimes they represent large investments for an individual or business, researching their pluses and minuses at a site like can be very beneficial. There is also another way that buying the correct software package from the start is important. If you purchase the wrong package for your business, you have more invested in it than just the software price itself. You have to do the installation, the training, and work the bugs out. Why go through all those steps only to find that you have purchased the wrong software package.

Getting quality business software information can be beneficial to your business before you go out and buy your next software package.

Getting Your House Ready For Spring – Inside & Out

When spring comes each year, we do a lot of work outdoors getting the lawn and flower beds in shape. There is always way too much to do. Sometimes we may focus too much on the outdoors and not remember that the insides of our homes deserve some attention too. Whether we are looking for living room furniture, kitchen appliances, bedroom furniture, or anything else – here is a great place to go check and see what is available…

Escape North Central Washington On A Cruise Ship

A cruise to Alaska.

A Caribbean Cruise.

Hawaii by cruise ship.

Even Europe on a cruise liner.

All these destinations are possible. See the most exotic locales with the people you love, book one of many Royal Caribbean Cruises today. When you travel by cruise ship, it is so much more than just the destination, it is the voyage there. From stage shows to swimming pools and almost anything you can imagine, modern cruise ships have more entertainment and distractions than you could even dream of taking advantage of. When traveling on one of many Norwegian Cruises, quite simply, boredom is not an option.

Celebrity Cruises has been satisfying pleasure travelers for a long time. After you have been pampered and taken care of during your voyage, then you can become totally enamored with the destination. Whether your destination is somewhere nearby like Alaska or Canada, or if your choice of cruises takes you far away to the likes of Hawaii or even Europe, the amount of time you have in port is sure to be maximized for the best possible results.

So, spoil yourself with the trip of a lifetime on a cruise ship this year. Don’t you think you deserve it?