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A Winter Visit To Ancient Lakes


The weather broke earlier this week and we made a visit to Ancient Lakes.  These beautiful little canyons feature a lot of interesting things including rocky cliffs, small caves, wonderful scenery, and during the right time of year, even some wildflowers.

There are trails all through the area and it is very easy to find one that suits you.  Some even take you up the canyon walls and give you a nice panoramic view of the area.

Ancient Lakes is located between Crescent Bar and Quincy, and is accessible from below near the river or up above atop the canyon wall too.  For those if you who enjoy some time in the great outdoors and don’t want to head into the forest or mountains yet, it canbe a very fun place to go.

Video of Cliff Jumping At Billy Clapp Lake

This is not a recommended activity, but here is a video of some cliff jumpers leaping into the water at Billy Clapp Lake.

Billy Clapp Lake sits in the eastern portion of Grant County and is formed by the Pinto Dam.


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Signs Going Up Warning Hunters That Wolves Are Protected

With the recent identification of a resident pack of wolves in the area, signs are being posted warning hunters that it is against the law to shoot them. North Central Washington isn’t isolated in this situation as there are areas north of Spokane that are also going through the same process. The signs do differentiate the differences between wolves and coyotes because coyotes can be hunted year round. SeattlePI story.

Fishing In North Central Washington

Fishing On Fish Lake In North Central Washington

It’s no secret that fishing in North Central Washington is one of the most popular outdoor activities to participate in. In fact, many people have either retired or moved to the area specifically to take advantage of all of the fishing possibilities available here. North Central Washington has a wide variety of areas that are popular with fishing enthusiasts, many are located on the mighty Columbia River that runs through the area, and many more are located in the lakes that dot the NCW landscape.

There are a number of reservoirs that are formed by water pooling behind the many hydroelectric dams in the area, and these make for very popular fishing spots. Wanapum Dam, Rock Island Dam, Rocky Reach Dam, Wells Dam, Chief Joseph Dam, and Grand Coulee Dam all affect the Columbia River this way and all provide for good fishing behind them. There are many lakes in the area that are popular fishing locations including Banks Lake, Potholes Reservoir, Lake Chelan, Lake Wenatchee, Fish Lake, and more.

Anyone looking to take part in the incredible fishing opportunities in the North Central Washington area is always looking for the best inside information available and there is plenty of that available through some of the extremely well qualified local fishing guides and experts. There are also other great options in terms of finding some of the best trout fishing secrets or learning some of the best fly fishing methods. There are also many things a fishing enthusiast can do to improve their bass fishing capabilities.