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Photos: Smoke Overtakes North Central Washington Due To Wildfires

Yesterday we uploaded some photos courtesy of the WSDOT of smoke overtaking Wenatchee because of all the fires in the area. Here are some more photos detailing the smoke in the surrounding area.

Click photos to enlarge them.

Coulee Dam
Here is a look down at the bridge below Grand Coulee Dam. It looks like dusk or even night but this photo was taken in the afternoon.
Looking west through Leavenworth towards the normally green mountainsides that lead to Tumwater Canyon.
The Vantage Bridge
Here you can see the smoke nearly obscuring the Vantage Bridge and really taking out much of the beauty of the Columbia River Gorge.
Vantage Bridge
This camera looks down the hill towards the Vantage Bridge which can usually be seen very clearly. The smoke has pretty completely hidden the water of the Columbia River.

Photos Of The Alps Candy Store Following The Fire

North Central Washington lost a local landmark on Friday, March 6th 2009 when a fire burned down the popular candy store ‘The Alps’ located on Highway 2 just west of Leavenworth. This was a special spot to many people from the area as well as those that only frequented it when traveling towards Stevens Pass or the Lake Wenatchee area. It will be missed by many.

The Alps – As It Was:

The Alps Before

…And Sadly, As It Looks Now.

The Alps After

Click here for more photos of what ‘The Alps’ looks like now.

Smokey The Bear Sighted At Lake Wenatchee

For those that have never gone camping at Lake Wenatchee State Park on the shores of Lake Wenatchee, it is a beautiful area that shouldn’t be missed. One of the highlights is a presentation by the US Forest Service that is meant to teach children about the dangers of fire. An informative program is put on by the Forest Service that includes interactive question and answer sessions, information from actual wilderness firefighters, and the highlight with most kids… a visit from none other than Smokey the Bear!

The program is given on Saturdays, not every Saturday though so you’ll want to check with the State Park and find out their schedule if you want to have your kids see the program. It is presented at the outdoor amphitheater there at the park and runs about a half hour or so.

View more photos of Lake Wenatchee State Park
View more photos from some of North Central Washington’s other State Parks

Photos From The Stevens Pass Closure

Here are some more pictures from all the snow we had up in the mountains recently and a look at how it piled up and wreaked havoc on the lives of travelers.

Stevens Pass Closure

Just west of Coles Corner
Stevens Pass Closure

The high snow banks make the roadway pretty narrow
Stevens Pass Closure

The trucks line up
Stevens Pass Closure

A road not for the claustrophobic
Stevens Pass Closure

Trucks slowly make their way over the pass
Stevens Pass Closure

Losing traction and pulling doubles
Stevens Pass Closure

Clearing away a snow slide
Stevens Pass Closure

Not your everyday ordinary snow-blower

More Pictures From The Snoqualmie Pass Closure

Here are some more images from the closure of Snoqualmie Pass that happened last week. Traffic flow seems to have returned to normal this week. These pictures, like the last ones, are courtesy of the Washington State Department of Transportation.


My favorite part about this one is that it appears that everyone is stopped and the sign says “Reduced Speed Recommended”


A WSDOT truck gets caught in an avalanche


Clearing snow on Snoqualmie Pass

Pictures From The Snoqualmie Pass Closure

Here are some more photos from the recent winter storm that has been hammering the Cascade Mountains. These photos are all courtesy of the Washington State Department of Transportation and are showing conditions on Snoqualmie Pass which has seen severe avalanche danger over the past week.

Snow Storm

Snow Builds Up Fast On Snoqualmie Pass

Snow Storm

When The Snow Covers The Speed Limit Sign – You May Want To Go Back

Snow Storm

The Banks Alongside The Road Are High

Snow Storm

A Snow Slide Comes Down Over The Tunnel

Snow Storm

Washington State Dept. of Transportation In Action

Snow Storm

The 18-Wheelers Line Up

Snow Storm

The Traffic Waiting To Cross Seems Endless

Snow Storm

What An Avalanche Looks Like And How It Is Cleared Away


A big thank you to the Washington State Department of Transportation, both for the pictures and for all their efforts on not only Snoqualmie Pass, but all the other mountain roadways too.