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The Alps Candy Store – Leavenworth, WA

Another Sunday saw us taking another Sunday road trip. This time it was a short drive just past Leavenworth and through the Tumwater Canyon which is an absolutely gorgeous part of North Central Washington. Tucked away on the west end of the canyon is The Alps Candy Store which is a very special place, whether you are traveling with kids or not.


You walk in and the shelves are filled with candies, hot sauces, relishes, and more.




In the basement is a cool little place called the kids candy room. It is filled with brightly colored treats, some famous brand names and some things you haven’t seen for probably decades. It may be called the kids candy room but I can tell you it’s for adults too.


Up at the front counter back upstairs is one of the most impressive sights you are sure to see. This is where the fresh homemade fudge sits just waiting to be sampled, purchased, and of course eaten. They have an incredible selection of flavors, some you would probably never even have thought of. Getting a nice sized chunk to take home or eat during your drive is a great idea. You can also buy just a small square if that’s what you want too. This is one of the things that will make you stop back at The Alps Candy Store the next time you go driving by.

Wenatchee Walmart Gets A New Front Door



Wenatchee’s Walmart has been undergoing some serious remodeling for quite sometime.  In recent weeks, customers have been “herded” over to use the new entrance.  These two photos show both that new entrance as well as the construction going on at the old entrance.  Many shoppers have expressed frustration with the inconvenience that this construction has caused, but hopefully it will all end soon.

Check Out The Cider Mill In Cashmere!

We made a recent trip up to the Cider Mill in Cashmere and what a great place to stop in North Central Washington!

The Cider Mill

The building is set right on the banks of Mission Creek and can be reached by heading through Cashmere and up Mission Creek Road. Cashmere is a very cool little town to visit and the Cider Mill is one more reason to pull off of Highway 2 when you’re passing through the area.

The facility specializes in a whole host of tasty concoctions, all based on their delicious apple cider. There are syrups, jams, jellies, and more that are all great to sample, and available for purchase too. There is even an apple butter milkshake that is unbelieveable!

The Cider Mill

The specialty is of course the apple cider though. The tasting room / gift shop is attractive and inviting. Shortly after entering, we were given the opportunity to have a tasting of several of the different flavors of cider that are all made right there at the facility. There are a number of different great flavors ranging from the tart to the sweet, and each having its own unique tastes and qualities. Some of the available flavors include Cherry, Old World Spice, Raspberry, Huckleberry, and Peach among others. They all taste awesome, we left with a bottle of Huckleberry and it didn’t last long once we got home.

The Cider Mill

Outside, there is a decent sized grass area, some picnic tables, an outdoor seating area, and a small art gallery. This makes a good location for a short break from a long car ride or just a chance to relax in the shade next to the comforting sounds of Mission Creek flowing by.

There is also a small stage outside and we were there in time to hear the award winning blues music of the power duo, RavinWolf. It was a very intimate experience and we thought it so good that we had to buy a CD on our way out. What a great place to sit and relax while listening to some good live music. If you are looking for something to do and you haven’t been there yet, check out the Cider Mill, it comes highly recommended.


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When You Think Sesame Street, Think Stemilt!

Stemilt markets with Sesame Street

Stemilt Growers has teamed up with Sesame Street for the marketing of their Washington Grown Pears.  In marketing targeted towards both parents and children, the fuzzy muppets of Sesame Street will “endorse” both the taste and health benefits of eating pears.  It appears to have a colorful strategy behind it with Big Bird touting Bartlett Pears (both yellow), Oscar The Grouch holding d’Anjou Pears (both green), and little Elmo spouting off about the Starkrimson Pear (both red).