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‘Mike’s Road Trip’ Makes It To Leavenworth, Washington

Every once in awhile you come across something that just HAS to be shared.

Mike’s Road Trip is run by a guy named Mike who is doing what a lot of people who love traveling would love to do, he is going on one of the best road trips ever. And what makes it great for visitors of the website , or his followers on Twitter, is that he is sharing in words, photo, and video the entire trip.

Well, he’s made the trip out west and is currently staying in one of North Central Washington’s true treasures, the community of Leavenworth.

He has even asked that those from there or nearby contribute a thought or two as to what is “the ONE thing” about Leavenworth that makes it special.

Mike’s site is an interesting read and it should be more than interesting to continue following his adventure. Check it out today.

A Fascinating Vacation Destination

What makes a trip or vacation memorable? One of the best things you can do to make your next trip or vacation memorable is to choose a destination that is a little different, a destination that not everyone else will head to. Imagine looking back on your vacation and thinking to yourself that you never would’ve thought you would’ve gotten to go there. That is the exact kind of vacation you deserve.

A great destination that most people wouldn’t think of or even go to but is full of once in a lifetime type of experiences is the country of Cuba. Booking Cuba holidays and Cuba tours is easier than you think too, just check out, they can handle all the details. They’ll handle your flight and set you up in the finest Cuba hotels available. They truly take care of all the details so there is little for you to do but enjoy the trip.

See incredible things on a guided tour of the city of Havana. Eat at authentic local restaurants and visit sites like the streets of Old Havana and the Havana Club Rum Factory. A visit to Cuba is something that not a lot of people are in a position to enjoy. Treat yourself to the unusual, book a tour to Cuba.

Check Out The Coves At Smith Mountain Lake

Everyone loves to look at beautiful homes and incredible areas to live or vacation at, and we’re no different. Check out the areas available at the Coves at Smith Mountain Lake. Imagine the life you’d lead living in some of these waterfront lots. Beautiful homes, beautiful water, and beautiful surroundings.

The attributes you find in Smith Mountain Lake Real Estate are varied and beautiful. This beautiful area is as peaceful as it is luxurious. If what you’re looking for is a high class gated waterfront community, then the Coves at Smith Mountain Lake look like the kind of place you’re looking for. Ahh, it’s nice to imagine, isn’t it?

An Interesting New Way To Do Business On The Internet

An Interesting New Way To Do Business On The Internet

There is a new directory service on the internet right now that caters primarily to Canada. The way directories usually work is that a business own would submit their information to be included, once approved they would wait for customers to contact them after seeing their information on that directory. CFLLN works differently, you submit your personal information and then a local business contacts you. For instance, say you were interested in being contacted by a Mississauga divorce lawyer, you would submit your information and a family law expert from that area would contact you. A very interesting system that takes the hunting part of looking for services out of the customer’s hands. A very well designed site too.

One Thing That Makes Getting Outdoors Easier

One Thing That Makes Getting Outdoors Easier

Life is busy these days, between work and activities, we’re all short on extra time for relaxing. You add to that the fact that sometimes we avoid doing things because we don’t want to miss our favorite television shows and there’s a problem. Well, one thing that makes it easier to get outdoors is having a TiVo recorder. With a TiVo recorder you can record all your favorite shows so you can watch them later and use that time to get outdoors now.

In truth, you can use this extra time for more work, yard work, family time, or whatever you’d like. It’s nice to see a gadget that actually frees up time instead of consumes more of it.

Check out ABTelectronics for gadgets like this and more. ABT has a great user-friendly website and have been in business for over 70 years. Buying from them is a real pleasure. They handle sales of appliances, portable electronics, cameras and video cameras, televisions, computers, and more. They truly have it all.

Personalized Letter From Santa!

Here is a unique idea for this time of year.

You can order personalized letters from Santa for your child… or the child of your choice. It’s really a simple and very cool idea.

Check out: Letters From Santa

The letter to your child will be personalized with the following details that you supply:

  • The child’s name
  • The child’s gender
  • Up to 3 intems from a wish list
  • Up to 3 accomplishments by your child
  • A customized P.S. section that you can write
  • The city that you will celebrate Christmas in

Your child will even get a follow-up post card or door hanger. A great way to make any child’s holiday even better.

Online Coupons And Discounts

Find tons of great deals at!

Edealfinder has coupons and discounts for a wide variety of stores covering a wide variety of items. They offer coupons and special offers on sporting goods, household goods, flowers, health & beauty, and so much more.

Take for example REI, most outdoor enthusiasts love shopping at REI – either online or in person. With their wide selection of everything from tents, to outerwear, to rock climbing equipment, it’s not too hard to find something to use an REI coupon on.

eDealFinder currently offers nine different REI discount opportunities alone, not counting all the coupons they have for hundreds of other stores.

Similarly, eDealFinder also has multiple offers for a Blue Nile coupon. So, if you’re looking for REI coupons, a Blue Nile coupon, or coupons and discount codes for almost any other brand name online retailer, check out!

Definitely a good resource for any online shopper.

Lodging Resource For Local And Far Away

Going out of town, whether it’s for a week or just a weekend, can be an incredible stress reliever. At the same time it has just as much chance to be highly stressful. One of the most stressful parts of planning a trip is the travel methods and lodging decisions you have to make. Making reservations in time, what about late changes to your travel plans, plus a hundred other things that can come up all mean it’d be worthwhile having as much information as possible when it is time to plan your trip.

In the interest of getting all the travel information you can, here’s a nice site that gives you access to some of the smaller lodging options that aren’t always used by the big online hotel reservation sites. It contains information on every state in the US, so no matter if you’re looking for Vermont lodging, Connecticut lodging, or any other state – it looks like they might be able to take care of your overnight stays.

There is even a page covering Washington lodging that has some Wenatchee area motels in it. It’s great for short trips away from home or for those family members who live outside the area and are coming back for the holidays. It’s a nice option if you’re in a pinch and need some Virginia lodging information… or, if you just need some overnight options here in our own neck of the woods.

Cell Phone Company Provides Creative Outlet

A very cool new opportunity for cell phone users is out there; well it is available at this time for only users of Virgin Mobile. Two of the more popular accessories for cell phones are ringtones (the music you can set to play when someone calls your phone) and wallpaper (the displayed image on the cell phone’s screen behind the text). But, what about those people that want to express a little more of their creativity and not follow the herd with the latest ringtone or wallpaper.

Virgin Mobile is offering the opportunity for people to create their own ringtones and wallpaper, and then use them on their own phones. Someone could call a cell phone user and instead of a ring or a generic ringtone, that user’s own musical composition would play. Additionally, a cell phone user could use a digital version of their own piece of artwork as their wallpaper – it’s hard for a cell phone to be more personalized than that.

Those features alone make this new technology service outstanding, but there is more. Virgin Mobile is also making it possible for the creator of these ringtones and wallpapers to share them with other users. Other users could download a ringtone or wallpaper for them to use, and in exchange the creator would receive ten cents credited to their account. A prolific creator might be able to have their entire cell phone bill paid for by others downloading and using their creative output. This program should appeal greatly to anyone involved in mobile website design or wap site design.

The more technology develops, especially in the wireless network and wireless device arena, the more we are going to see offers like these. The future is wireless – and the creative people will be leading the way.