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Washington State Parks in North Central Washington

North Central Washington State Parks

There are 15 state parks in North Central Washington, each of them offering a totally unique place to visit and explore. Some of them are most popular for the daytime activities that are available there while others are loved for the camping experiences they offer. Here are your links to these 15 great attractions in North Central Washington.

Chelan County – Washington State Parks

Lake Chelan State Park
Lake Wenatchee State Park
Lincoln Rock State Park
Peshastin Pinnacles State Park
Squilchuck State Park
Twenty-Five Mile Creek State Park
Wenatchee Confluence State Park

Douglas County – Washington State Parks

Daroga State Park

Grant County – Washington State Parks

Potholes State Park
Steamboat Rock State Park
Sun Lakes – Dry Falls State Park

Okanogan County – Washington State Parks

Alta Lake State Park
Bridgeport State Park
Conconully State Park
Pearrygin Lake State Park

Harry Potter Hits North Central Washington


The long awaited Harry Potter movie came out recently and it was a big deal in North Central Washington too, just like everywhere else.  Here you can see people starting to lineup on Friday around noon at the new Gateway Cinema in Wenatchee  even though the movie wouldn’t open until midnight later that night.  By the time evening rolled around the line stretched all the way down to the Food Pavilion grocery store.

This was the last film in the Harry Potter series and there had been a lot of anticipation surrounding it.  The movie seems to be getting great reviews and there are lots of places to go to see it around the region.

A Great Snow Season Was Had This Year

The snow season has come to an end in here in North Central Washington. A great year it was for outdoor recreation. The skiing and snowboarding was great at Stevens Pass, Mission Ridge and the handful of other outdoor recreation areas in the vicinity. A nice change from some of the lighter winters in the past few years. Spring, summer, and fall will pass by fast and soon it’ll be time to head down the mountainsides again.

Now, how do we get ready for next season? Gotta hit the slopes on one of the hot new boards out there. Check out some of the Burton snowboards that you could be using yourself next year. is a great place to look at quite a few of the new and exciting boards on the marketplace.

Spring Yard Cleanup Time Is Here

It is fast approaching that time when we all want to make sure are lawns are ready for the spring and summer to follow. A simple tip for lawn beautifications is the use of lawn edgers. While you can use a lawn mower to shorten the grass and a weed eater of some sort to trim growth in other areas, the job isn’t finished unless it looks neat and tidy. A lawn edger can put a nice definition between where the grass ends and the sidewalk or parking slab begins. The proper use of a lawn edger can be the finishing touch your lawn needs.

Finding Everything Online – Even Furniture

One of the best parts of shopping online is being able to browse through tons of photos of whatever it is you’re looking for without having to leave your home. You can sit in your jammies eating a bag of Cheetos and still browse a great selection of items that you may or may not need.

If you are looking to buy furniture, here is a site that has a nice selection of everything from entertainment centers to couches to bedroom sets. The prices appear to be really good, but more importantly they have a huge selection. Tons of different colors, materials, woods, metals… everything! One of my favorites is the 3 Seater Recliner Media Sofa Sectional (whew!)… It must be seen to be believed (they have lots of other sectionals to see too.

The site is also easy to navigate, whether looking for a dining table or stools counter, it is all right there at the click of a button. Very professional indeed.

Shopping today has been made so easy because of the internet, it doesn’t matter if you’re shopping for a deck of cards or an actual sports car, it is all online and right at your fingertips. The great thing is you can find what seems like absolutely everything without even leaving your home.

A Bit About Lap Band Surgery

It use to be Lasik Eye Surgery, but now it seems more and more I hear about another type of elective surgery; lap band surgery. Lap Band Surgery is intended as a way for severely overweight people to shed pounds quickly and keep it off. The procedure is done through a keyhole laparoscopic incision and an adjustable band is fitted around the top portion of the stomach. The theory is that once that top portion is full of food a signal will be sent to the brain and the patient will think they are full. Lap Band Surgery was introduced in 1985 and has made great strides since then, that being said it is still surgery and should not be entered into lightly.

It is always best to get some type of consultation before you commit to having lapband surgery. Always explore all your options when it comes to making any choice involving elective surgery.

For many people, this modern medical advancement has caused a miracle in their lives. Many patients have trouble losing weight using traditional methods like diet and exercise. Some people have other medical problems that make them unable to exercise or be active. In other cases, the obesity has gotten so out of control that surgery truly is a last ditch effort to rescue them and save their lives.

One of the non-publicized bonuses is that as opposed to other surgical methods, there are no physical alterations done to the digestive system with lapband surgery. The entire process is completely reversible and under certain circumstances (like pregnancy), the band can be deflated and reinflated and the process resumed at a later date.