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Delicious Treats At Sure To Rise Bakery In Cashmere

If you’re looking for a tasty treat and in the Cashmere area, take the chance and stop in at the local favorite, Sure to Rise, a bakery with a whole lot to offer.

I stopped in for the first time not too long ago and tried an M&M Cookie, Maple Bar, and picked up the last Triple Berry Tart…

Mmmmm, delicious! 

It’s a friendly atmosphere and there’s quite a selection too.

Judging from what I sampled, I have to imagine everything there tastes great.

Sure to Rise Bakery offers a few comfortable seats or you can take your treats home.  If you do take your goodies to go, remember to bring enough for everyone.  You don’t want to risk an argument.

Downtown Cashmere is a great destination with some fun shops and eating establishments.  Whether you’re headed there for the afternoon or just driving by, stop in at Sure to Rise Bakery.  You won’t regret it.

The Lakeview Drive-In Is A Chelan Tradition

Lakeview Drive In with Lake

Chelan is an awesome place to visit, whether you live nearby and need an afternoon away or you’re traveling from across the mountains for a weekend or longer stay on the shores of one of the most beautiful lakes in America. You’ll find the community and the surrounding area has a long list of things to experience too. You just can’t go wrong by choosing it as your destination.

When you go, there are some things you must experience, and one of them is to pay a visit to the Lakeview Drive In.

The Lakeview Drive In sits right on the shore of Lake Chelan and has been providing friendly service and great food since 1957. You can go to the drive thru there and head home with a chicken basket, double cheeseburger, hot dog, or milkshake that will satisfy you perfectly. You can also park your car, order your meal, and eat at a picnic table while you enjoy a view out over the water. That’s the best way to experience it. Leisurely eating some great food as you look out over all the action on Lake Chelan, including boating, swimming, parasailing, jetskiing, windsurfing, and even watching the floatplanes come and go can be a real fun way to enjoy the community.

Lakeview Drive In Menu

Visiting the Lakeview Drive In can be a walk down memory lane because it’ll remind you of drive-in eating experiences from days gone by. If you’re a burger fan, then this is the place for you. There are several different types of burgers to pick from, each of them very popular and very tasty. You can also get items there like fish & chips, chicken strips, grilled cheese sandwich, onion rings, foot long hot dog, and a variety of salads. The prices are affordable and the serving sizes are generous too so you’re sure to go away from the Lakeview Drive In having been satisfied.

Don’t go home from there though having just had a great burger and fries. You can’t leave without making sure you have one of the awesome milkshakes from the Lakeview Drive In. Many people drive for miles just for the milkshake alone. Once you try one, you’ll see why.

Lakeview Drive In Burger

Next time you’re in, near, or passing by Chelan make sure you stop off at the Lakeview Drive In for a great outdoor dining experience in a beautiful setting. If you don’t have time for that, at least sample one of the legendary milkshakes they serve there.

Check out the Lakeview Drive In online:

Chelan’s Lakeview Drive In

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Lakeview Drive In on Facebook

Stop At The Stevens Pass Ski Area For A Great Meal

Stevens Pass Summit

The Stevens Pass Ski Area has been welcoming visitors for decades and showing them a great time. This spectacular venue has some of the best skiing and snowboarding available in the state of Washington. It really has earned the reputation it enjoys and, of course, all of the return visitors going there to enjoy a day out on the slopes.

That’s not the only reason to stop at the top of Stevens Pass. The truth is, in addition to being a great skiing destination, the Stevens Pass Ski Area is a nice place to head to for a good bite to eat.

Lucky for those who come, they have several different eating out opportunities. Here is a looking at the dining options at the Stevens Pass Ski Area.


The Foggy Goggle
The Foggy Goggle offers a full service restaurant featuring family seating and a great menu consisting of comfort food, sandwiches, and more. There is also a lounge to enjoy too if you’re over 21 years of age.

Tye Creek Deli
The Tye Creek Deli features a unique Asian menu that is popular with a great many people who head there. Also available are deli sandwiches, soups, and their famous build your own baked potato bar. This is the place to go for reasonably priced food that the whole family will love.

Outer Limits Grill
The Outer Limits Grill features some great burgers and a very nice setting that sets it apart from some of the other food venues on the mountain. This is usually a less crowded area too and a find place to get away from the crowds.

Taco Stop
Made to order Mexican food is not what one immediately thinks they’ll find at the top of the mountain. The Taco Stop though is waiting to create just what you’d like to eat, just the way you want it. This is another of the more affordable places to get a bit to eat at when visiting the Stevens Pass Ski Area.

Iron Goat Pizza Station
Sometimes the only type of food that will do for you is pizza. Real good pizza is something everyone enjoys and it’s something served regularly at the Iron Goat Pizza Station. This is a fun family setting that is very popular with Stevens Pass regulars.

The Bull’s Tooth Pub & Eatery
The Bull’s Tooth Pub & Eatery at the Stevens Pass Ski Area is one of the main restaurants and is very popular. They serve tons of great food you’re sure to enjoy like salmon burgers, chicken, nachos, pulled pork sandwiches, and their famous seasoned curly fries. Even the locals like to come up the mountain to get a bite at the Bull’s Tooth Pub & Eatery.

Check out the Stevens Pass Ski Area dining options online:

Eat Out At The Stevens Pass Ski Area

Sushi Done Right At Maki Sushi In Chelan


The city of Chelan is a popular getaway. It works for families and couples alike. It’s also a great destination all year long including both summer and winter. Chelan offers a lot to do and see, from recreation to museums and more. Chelan also offers a lot of fun places to go and get out to eat and drink.

One of Chelan’s strengths, one that you’re sure to enjoy, is the wide variety of different types of cuisine you can choose from. Maki Sushi fills a void that a lot of people have complained about on the east side of the Cascade Mountains. That’s because finding good sushi this far away from Seattle and the rest of the coast can be difficult. But that’s not true when you’re visiting Chelan. Whether going there for the weekend, a long stay, or just a drive from home, you can find great sushi at Maki Sushi.

Maki Sushi is located at 127 E. Johnson Ave in Chelan, very near to the center of town and right in the middle of all the action. Like most of the bars, restaurants, cafes, and shops there, it is within easy walking distance of most anything.


When you enter Maki Sushi you’ll find it a very friendly and inviting, both in decor and the level of service. The menu covers all the sushi basics so you’re sure to find something that you like right off the bat. Some of the favorites right off the menu include rolls like Fuji, Firecracker, Dragon, California, Caterpillar, and Triple Shrimp. Other favorites include the Sashimi Platter, Tonkatsu, Pho, and a nice selection of Teriyaki Bowls. Many people are surprised to find sushi available in Chelan. When they taste it they are even more surprised to find that this restaurant in this little community produces sushi this tasty.

If your tastes lean towards seafood or if you have a fondness for sushi, and if you live near or think you’ll soon be visiting Chelan, give Maki Sushi a try. You won’t regret it.

Check out Maki Sushi online:

Maki Sushi in Chelan

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Maki Sushi Facebook

Great Food At The Big Y Cafe In Peshastin, Washington


The tiny town of Peshastin sits almost anonymously along US 2 just a few miles east of Leavenworth, Washington. Nearby is the junction of US 2 and US 97. These two highways head off in different directions from there, one leading to Leavenworth and eventually over Stevens Pass and the other heading in the direction of Blewett Pass. This spot is known by locals as The Big Y.

Right there at that crossroads, where it has been serving great food to hunger travelers since 1939, is the Big Y Cafe.


When you walk into the Big Y Cafe, you’ll immediately feel very comfortable. The atmosphere is friendly, thanks to a very welcoming staff and a cozy decor. You’ll also be overcome with the smell of great food. This is the perfect place to eat out with a group of co-workers, your whole family, or just you and one other person looking to share a great meal and some good conversation.

The Big Y Cafe serves breakfast all day long, which is a very good thing. They also offer some great lunch and dinner experiences too. This is real comfort food in the best sense of the word. We’re talking excellent omelets, spot on burgers, and great boneless chicken. They also have a reputation for some of the best pie around too. If it’s on the menu at the Big Y Cafe, you know it’s good.

Personally, you can’t go wrong with the cinnamon bread french toast. This is not only an incredible tasting dish, it’s also something that’s somewhat unique and something you can’t get just anywhere.


Whether you live in the Wenatchee to Leavenworth area or are driving by on US 2, you can count on getting the food you want at the Big Y Cafe. Once you eat there, you’re sure to come back again.

Check out the Big Y Cafe online:

Big Y Cafe

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Big Y Cafe on Facebook

A Great Night Out At Campbell’s Pub In Chelan

Campbells Bistro and Pub

Chelan is a popular destination all year long. This fun little city features great recreational opportunities, excellent overnight accommodations, and a long list of interesting things to see and do. Chelan is also know as a great food and drink town too.

Campbell’s Resort on Lake Chelan is one of the oldest and most famous business in town. It is the perfect place to go to in order to have a first class stay in Chelan. It also features a fun dining and pub option too, whether you’re staying there or not.

Campbell’s Bistro & Pub is located right inside the lobby of the city’s most famous hotel. It features a fun atmosphere that includes a view out from the veranda over the water of Lake Chelan. It’s the perfect place for a late night one on one meal with friends or that special someone, a family dinner, a quick bite to eat in the middle of the day, and even a tasty breakfast in the morning.

With great items on the menu like the Stehekin Omelet, Prime Rib Hash, Apple Oat Cakes, French Onion Soup, Valhalla Burger, Smoked Half Chicken, and the Tavern Platter, you can’t go wrong regardless of what time of day you’re lucky enough to sit down and dine there. The staff was very friendly for our visit and we were sold on eating there the minute we smelled what was being cooked as we walked in the door.

This is a unique dining experience in North Central Washington with a lot of offerings you just can’t find elsewhere. That uniqueness helps make going there a no-brainer of a decision.

A return visit is definitely in the cards for us.

Check out Campbell’s Bistro & Pub online!

Campbell’s Bistro Pub

Eat Out At Moses Lake’s El Rodeo


Moses Lake sits in Central Washington, right on Interstate 90, and is home to some fun things to do and see. The area around Moses Lake offers a lot of activities as well as points of interest. When you visit though, you also need to find some great places to eat.

A great option if you’re looking for the best in Mexican food is El Rodeo.

El Rodeo is located right on West Broadway Avenue and is very easy to get to from anywhere around town. When you walk in, you’ll enjoy the setting, vibe, and the friendliness of the servers. It really is just an enjoyable place to eat, for almost any type of dining out occassion.

That doesn’t even speak to the food either. The portions are very large, whether you’re ordering an entree or one of their very popular margaritas. The quality of the food is top notch too and the flavors are out of the world. With all of the standard Mexican dishes on the menu, along with a few specialties, you’ll be sure to find something you like.

El Rodeo also offers very affordable prices which make it the perfect place to take the whole family. Great food at a great price… what more is needed?

If you find yourself hungry and in Moses Lake, El Rodeo could be the perfect place.

A Great Meal At The Wild Huckleberry In Wenatchee

WH Bldg

Wenatchee has a lot of very nice places to eat. You can easily find a family friendly restaurant, a great location for a business lunch, a quiet romantic hideaway, and more. One of the top eating out spots in this small city on the Columbia comes with a name that invokes great imagery, The Wild Huckleberry.

The Wild Huckleberry sits right in downtown Wenatchee, located very near to several places you may already be wanting to go. It’s also very near to the business community and is the perfect place for a quick lunch outside the office.

If you’re like me and you like breakfast any time of the day, then that’s another reason to go to The Wild Huckleberry. Many breakfast favorites can be ordered there like Bacon & Eggs, Buttermilk Pancakes, and more. But they also have some very cool items available that you can’t always get elsewhere. You seriously have to try their Cinnamon Bread French Toast. That’s a decision you’ll never regret.

The Wild Huckleberry also has some great lunch items on the menu too. Sandwiches like a B.L.T., German Sausage, Turkey Club, and salads like Cali Citrus, Caesar, Cheff, Cobb, and Oriental Chicken are all very popular and very well made. You can also get a great Burger or Fish & Chips there too. You can tell that there’s a great amount of attention paid to the ingredients at The Wild Huckleberry.

This great little treasure of a restaurant in downtown Wenatchee is a place well worth a visit. The food is great, the atmosphere is very relaxed as well as charming and intimate. If you’re there during the warmer months, sitting outside can even be a fun option. Eating out at The Wild Huckleberry feels like you’ve been invited over for a homecooked meal.

The Wild Huckleberry is open Monday through Friday from 7AM to 3PM. On Saturday and Sunday, they open from 8AM to 3PM.

Check out The Wild Huckleberry online and get a glimpse of their great menu!

The Wild Huckleberry

You Can’t Go Wrong At The Breadline Cafe In Omak

Finding a restaurant that stands out from the crowd can be the perfect thing to pull off a fun evening out. This is true whether you’re looking to dine out with the family, a group of friends, or even just you and someone special to you. If you’re in Omak, the surrounding area, or within an easy drive, there is a very cool option that we all have.

Breadline Cafe 1

The Breadline Cafe has been a local go-to establishment in Omak since the early 1980s. The building it’s housed in was built way back in 1906 and the restaurant take advantage of this well aged property. As you drive up, you’re taken by the unique look of the outdoor decor. That decor pales in comparison though to what you find inside.

Breadline Cafe 3

With the walls and ceilings covered with all sorts of collectibles, odd items, and local memorabilia, your eyes will also have plent to digest while you sit and eat the delicious food there. The food offered there includes standard American style cooking, including classics like the Philly Dip, Reuben sandwich, and the Fancy BLT. Many dishes are named after local communities or events too like the Twisp and Methow hoagies, Conconully Blas sandwich, Suicide Fries, Okanogan Poorboy, Grand Coulee Alfredo, the Ellensburg-er, and the Stampede Burger. The portions are generous too and you’re sure to leave feeling well fed, if that’s what you intend.

The Breadline Cafe is also home to an in-house bakery that, in addition to some delectable sweet treats, is responsible for making most of the bread products served there.

The experience eating at the Breadline Cafe has been described in a number of ways, including everything from “funky” to “old fashioned”. Regardless of the feeling you leave with, which is sure to be great, you’ll also be leaving with an appetite that has been appropriately satisfied.

Check out the Breadline Cafe online!

Breadline Cafe 2

A Great Meal At The Thai Restaurant In Wenatchee


Wenatchee has a lot of great options when it comes to eating out. You can sample everything here from a fine dining experience to a genuine food truck meal. All sorts of cuisines are represented in town too, some more so than others.

If you’re looking for Thai food, Wenatchee has a great option for you there too. The Thai Restaurant in Wenatchee has been offering great tasting food for a very long time. The interior of the restaurant has a great feel to it and is very clean and welcoming. The staff is very friendly too.

The menu at The Thai Restaurant is varided and you should be able to find many of your old favorites to order there. You might also be exposed to something new there too as there are a lot of specialties available as well. Whatever you order, from the tasty Spring Rolls to the Mussamun Curry, is sure to be of the highest quality.

Whether you’ve live in Wenatchee your whole life, are visiting from out of town, or are just trying to show friends or relatives a good time during their stay, the Thai Restaurant is a great place to check out. Great food, good company, and a nice atmosphere. What more could you want?

Check them out online: The Thai Restaurant – Wenatchee