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Plain’s Wood Decked Wenatchee River Bridge

The small town of Plain, Washington is a great place to visit and there are plenty of Plain attractions to see too.  There’s great scenery and awesome recreational possibilities in all directions.  There are even a couple of fun stores to visit and some very nice places to stay.  If you know where to look, there are even some cool historical features.

Years and years ago, you could head out of Plain on Chapel Drive, cross the Wenatchee River, and head towards the Lake Wenatchee area and beyond.  Today though, you can still drive down Chapel Drive, but crossing the river there isn’t possible unless you’re on foot, on a bicycle or motorcycle, or on a snowmobile.

This is a very impressive bridge with wooden planks, an aged metal structure, and some very nice views up and down the Wenatchee River.  Bring your camera too and don’t forget to stop back in town for a coffee, snack, or even a full meal.

NCW Attraction: The Horan Natural Area in Wenatchee

Located on the north end of Wenatchee, right where the Wenatchee River flows into the Columbia River, is the Horan Natural Area.

Wenatchee - The Horan Natural Area

You can get to the Horan Natural Area easiest via Confluence State Park on the north side of the Wenatchee River. The Apple Capital Loop Trail is a trail that stretches for approximately 11 miles and runs along the shore of the Columbia River on both the Wenatchee and East Wenatchee side. This popular loop trail will eventually take you right past the Horan Natural Area entrance, making it easily reachable from several areas around town.

Wenatchee - The Horan Natural Area

This is a very cool opportunity to see a protected nature area right inside the city limits of Wenatchee. As you walk along the paths, it gives you an indication of what the scenery was like there before all this development and settlement came.

Go and visit the Horan Natural Area a number of time through the year too. As the seasons change, so does the vegetation, surrounding scenery, and even the local wildlife you can occasionally find there.

Wenatchee - The Horan Natural Area

If you’re in the Wenatchee area and looking for something to do in the outdoors, head on over to the Horan Natural Area. You won’t regret it.

The Secret Life of Pets at Gateway Cinema in Wenatchee

The Secret Life of Pets at Gateway Cinema in Wenatchee

Having decided to take the kids to see a movie at Gateway Cinema in Wenatchee, we decided on The Secret Life of Pets. It really was a fun movie showing kids just exactly (okay, maybe not) what their pets do, think, and talk about when their people are gone all day. Both kids really liked the movie and, of course, the treats too. Gateway Cinema always offers a first class movie watching experience.

Gateway Cinema in Wenatchee

From the comfortable seats to the option to put as much butter as you want on your popcorn, we always have a great time at Gateway Cinema in WenatcheeGateway Cinema in Wenatchee

Gateway Cinema – Wenatchee

The Best Picnic Spots on the Apple Capital Loop Trail

Picnic Spots on Apple Capital Loop Trail

The Apple Capital Loop Trail is one of the key features of life in Wenatchee and East Wenatchee. It can be accessed at a number of points, crosses the Columbia River twice, and meanders past a wide variety of urban and natural scenery. There’s a lot of reasons to make use of the Apple Capital Loop Trail but one of the best is as a picnic destination.

Here’s a look at some of what we think of as the best picnic spots on the Apple Capital Loop Trail:

Picnic at Walla Walla Point Park

Walla Walla Point Park is probably the most popular spot along the trail. It really has everything for the active family, including climbing toys, volleyball courts, swim area, as well as handball, tennis, and basketball courts. Settling in at one of the many picnic tables there can allow different members of the family to sprint off to enjoy any of those fun pursuits, only to come back for food and drinks after an appetite has been worked up.

Picnic at Wenatchee Confluence State Park

Wenatchee Confluence State Park is located north of the Wenatchee River and is popular with those wanting to visit and be close to town, while enjoying the camping experience. There are some great picnic spots there towards the water where a unique swimming and wading area is located. Again, lots of fun can be had as there are playground toys, tennis and basketball courts, and all kinds of water recreation available there. This can be a fun picnic spot for families with young children.

Picnic Spots Just North of the State Park

Just north of Wenatchee Confluence State Park is a narrow strip of park that lines the Apple Capital Loop Trail as it heads towards the Odabashian Bridge. This area really isn’t a destination part of the trail which makes it perfect for a quiet picnic spot. There are tables nestled in little hollows and along low bank access to the Columbia River. Bring your own entertainment activities or just some scooters and bikes and you just may feel you have this little part of the park and trail to yourself.

A Picnic at the 9th Street Trailhead

The 9th Street Trailhead is located in East Wenatchee and offers a nice parking lot and immediate access to one of the most beautiful parts of the Apple Capital Loop Trail, an area known to locals as “Porter’s Pond”. There are no picnic tables located in the area but two great picnic spots are right there near the fountain, using the low wall as a place to sit, and then down towards Porter’s Pond, again using the low wall for a place to sit. This is yet another great spot to bring bikes and scooters too.

Picnic at the Orondo Street Boat Launch

A fun picnic spot along the Apple Capital Loop Trail is the Orondo Street Boat Launch. When you find your spot there you can enjoy watching boats being loaded into and out of the water, a good amount of people watching, and all the activity out on the Columbia River. Before or after eating you can also walk down boat launch or even out on the nearby boat dock at the north end of the parking lot. You can even walk over to the very popular Pybus Market which is an outstanding place to walk through and experience.

Picnic at Riverfront Park

The main part of Riverfront Park sits at the bottom of 5th Street on the Wenatchee side of the river and is a great picnic spot. There are lots of picnic tables available, plenty of shade trees, and some nice things to see. Before or after enjoying your picnic, you can get out and look at the phenomenal amount of sculptures and pieces of art that line this part of the Apple Capital Loop Trail. Again, there’s plenty of activity out on the water to enjoy viewing from there too.

Picnic at the Linden Tree Area

The Linden Tree Area is a historic part of the Apple Capital Loop Trail, featuring an old barn with ties back to the early days of agriculture along the river. The barn is now used as a boathouse and there are some nice shady areas and picnic tables scattered about the area to enjoy a picnic at. You can also get down to the water in the Linden Tree Area, including at a neat spot where a small creek flows into the river.

The Apple Capital Loop Trail is a fabulous feature of the Wenatchee area and lends itself greatly as a place to get out and enjoy a meal at. Any of the above picnic spots will serve you well and as you get out and explore it you may find a few favorites of your own.

Go Bowling And More At Lake Bowl In Moses Lake, Washington

Lake Bowl in Moses Lake

Located in Central Washington, Moses Lake is fun as a destination, a place to live, or just a place to stop off at as you motor on past on Interstate 90 on your way across the state of Washington. Moses Lake has a lot of important, interesting, and fun things to see and do both within it as well as in the surrounding area. One of those places is Lake Bowl.

Lake Bowl is located at the corner of Highway 17 and Stratford Road and is one of the hot family spots in Moses Lake. Bowling is historically a great fun activity that the whole family can enjoy and whether you’re looking for a one-night-out experience or a bowling league opportunity, Lake Bowl is the place to go in the Moses Lake area.

Lake Bowl is so much more than just a bowling alley though. It also offers a loaded arcade area with some very popular video games as well as some extremely fun ticket redemption games. The arcade is awesome for birthday parties and group events too. Just check out these two videos for all you need to know about that.

If you’re looking for a fun family activity that everyone will enjoy, whether you live in Moses Lake or not, Lake Bowl is the place for you.

Check out Lake Bowl online:

Lake Bowl in Moses Lake

Or go see them on Facebook:

Lake Bowl on Facebook

Visit The Grant County Historical Museum In Ephrata, Washington


North Central Washington is home to some great museums. It’s also home to some fascinating history, much of which can be explored in those museums. It seems like almost every town has a small museum dedicated to preserving, protecting, and displaying local history.

The city of Ephrata is no different. If you’re driving on Highway 28, you’re guaranteed to see it too. On the east end of town, you’ll pass right by the Grant County Historical Museum.

The Grant County Historical Museum has a unique look to it that features an indoor area filled with all sorts of treasures and a large outdoor yard that features old farm implements and historic buildings. Taking the time to work your way through both areas is the best way to experience this very cool local history museum.

A large focus of the Grant County Historical Museum is on what life was like when the pioneers that settled the area were building it into what it would become. Also included is a look at Native American life in the area, as well as early prospectors who worked the local gold fields. There is a very nice display of guns, tools, cookware, and other important artifacts of life in the early days of Grant County.

You will also find a huge amount of old newspaper clippings, photographs, and other important paper items. Much of this is related to ranching history and if you’re a fan of Old West or cowboy history, this could be a big draw for you.


Among the other items that can be seen there are period clothing, pianos, brewery artifacts, housewares, and gold mining equipment.

Whether you’re going there as part of a plan or just driving through and finally stopping at a place that’s always captured your curiosity, the Grant County Historical Museum is sure to satisfy.

Check out this very special place online:

Grant County Historical Museum on Facebook

STOMP Is Coming To Wenatchee!

stomp logo

STOMP is one of the most exciting and successful percussion shows in the world. It’s famous around the globe too, having traveled to all of the top tourist destinations. The exciting part of this is that STOMP is now coming to Wenatchee.

STOMP plays at the Town Toyota Center on February 1st.

Get your tickets here:

STOMP Tickets in Wenatchee

STOMP will be bringing with it all of the “normal” percussion instruments they use during their performances like hub caps, radiator hoses, brooms, buckets, trash cans, chests, hammers, shopping carts, trash can lids, and more. This is the kind of performance that you won’t forget and something Wenatchee and North Central Washington hasn’t seen before.

For a sample of what to expect, check out this video:

The dance performance is just as incredible as the music produced by these amazing performers. It’s nice seeing the region get a chance to see top line performances like this. See you all at STOMP on February 1st!

Don’t forget to follow STOMP on Facebook!

2015 Apple Days in Cashmere – Great Fun!

Cashmere’s annual Apple Days, held primarily on the grounds of the Cashmere Museum, is always great fun. It combines all the usual attractions of the museum, including the historical artifacts and information inside and the pioneer village outdoors, with some fun activities that include everything from live entertainment to archery.


This year’s event was a lot of fun, and it still continues on tomorrow. You get to see people dressed in period costumes and watch demonstrations of skills common to the pioneers of the area, including cooking, sewing, and more. The archery attraction is always great fun as kids and adults, even those with zero experience, can line up, take some basic instruction, and try to shoot their arrows into the targets. Of course, the saloon was also a popular stop as you could go there and buy yourself a cold and refreshing cream soda or sarsparilla (root beer).


There were arts and crafts projects near the train station, hot dogs at the Village Cafe, tasty treats at the bake sale just inside the front gate, the chance to shop for used books, and more. You could also shop the tables of the local vendors who showed up selling everything from stuffed animals and jewelry to pieces of fool’s gold and handmade dish towels.


With live entertainment consisting of cowboy music, the Wenatchee Youth Circus, and mock gun fights, the admission cost of just $3 was very affordable. There was even a chance to learn how to pan gold too! One of the very cool featured attractions was the guided tour of all of the pioneer buildings. This is something not always available and is the best way to see these true treasures.


The Cashmere Museum is a fantastic place to visit in North Central Washington but visiting it during Apple Days makes it even better.

2015 Cashmere Apple Days: Saturday & Sunday, October 3rd and 4th

Jurassic Quest: A Big Hit in Wenatchee!

For the first time in Wenatchee, Jurassic Quest is treating visitors of all ages to a display of what they say is the world’s largest exhibition of lifesize, moving, museum-quality dinosaurs.

We checked it out on the first night last night and it was all that I’d hoped for and more. Immediately, the kids were greeted with a parking lot full of inflatable toys to play on to their heart’s content. There were huge dinosaurs to ride, bungee runs, and a fossil digging area as well. They even had some inflatable geared specifically towards the little ones too.



There was plenty of roof to dart back and forth between favorite rides and inflatables and, of course lots of photo opportunities too.



More treats awaited inside too. There were craft tables, science tables, concession stands, a movie room, green screen photography, face painting, and a surprise hit… a very cool display of real dinosaur artifacts. Kids and adults were more than satisfied with that.

One of the really big draws to the indoor part of the Jurassic Quest attraction though is dinosaur display. You can walk in and see a pretty impressive display of moving dinosaurs, equipped with great sound effects. It doesn’t take too much imagination to stare at some of those display pieces and imagine them walking around you in a jungle or forest. Looking around, the kids were mesmerized.


From top to bottom this was a first class event. The kids got to burn off some energy and have some wild fun on a generous selection of dinosaur related inflatables. They also got to go on rides, do some science experiments, and have their eyes opened to the wonderful world of dinosaurs.

Jurassic Quest continues through this weekend in Wenatchee at the Town Toyota Center. Tickets are available at the door as well as online at