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Stormy Mountain Ranch Of Chelan Wins Organic Farming Award

In this news from the Organic Trade Association (OTA) Ray Fuller, owner of Stormy Mountain Ranch of Chelan has been announced the winner of the 2008 OTA Organic Farming Leadership Award. Fuller completed switching his orchard over to all organic in 1988 and an interesting side note is that he received the second ever organic certification in the entire state of Washington. This is great recognition for a local farmer in the organic marketplace.

How Much Damage Caused By Our Late Frigid Temperatures?

Here is a great article about the late in the year frigid temperatures that have been widespread across the Pacific Northwest this year. How much damage was done to the apple and pear crops? One cherry grower stated that it was the worst year for frigid temperatures that he had seen since the 1960s. A poor agricultural year affects more than just the growers when you come from a primarily agricultural area like North Central Washington.