10 Places To Go In NCW In 2017

10 Places To Go In North Central Washington In 2017

10 Places To Go In NCW In 2017

North Central Washington is a great destination for anyone to visit from around the Pacific Northwest. It has a lot to offer in the world of attractions and destination communities. So many that even local residents can have incredible experiences without even leaving their home region. Visitors coming from outside the area are often struck by experiences and sights that they never thought they’d see.

A new year is upon us and here’s a great look at 10 places you can visit in North Central Washington in 2017 which will help to have the best year ever.

Washington Pass

Washington Pass, high in the North Cascades, is where highway 20 crosses the mountains. The scenery there is amazing, whether in the Spring, Summer, or Fall. The highway there is closed during the Winter due to the significant snowfall. Bring your camera if you plan on driving over Washington Pass.

Conconully, Washington

Conconully is a small community in Okanogan County, wedged between Conconully Lake and Conconully Reservoir. When you visit Conconully, you can check out Conconully State Park and get out on the water there for both recreation and fishing. This really is a beautiful little part of North Central Washington.

Crescent Bar, Washington

Crescent Bar is one of the more popular destinations during the summer months in North Central Washington. It features golf courses, condominiums, restaurants, shops, beaches, campsites, and more. Getting out on the Columbia River there is something that many people head out for year after year.

Lake Wenatchee

Lake Wenatchee is a beautiful lake in the Cascade Mountains. It’s home to fishing, waterskiing, boating, swimming, kayaking, and more. You can even go rafting on the Wenatchee River right from where the lake drains out. Lake Wenatchee features a state park on the east end and a campground on the west end. There are vacation homes right there, as well as camping opportunities, or you can stay nearby in the communities of Coles Corner, Plain, and Leavenworth.

Vantage, Washington

Vantage, Washington sits on the Columbia River, on the Kittitas County side, downriver from Crescent Bar and just upriver from the Wanapum Dam. This very cool area of the region shows off great rural scenery and beautiful sights along the river. Some of the attractions within driving distance from there include Wanapum and Priest Rapids dams, the Gorge Amphitheater, Wild Horse Wind Farm, the Beverly Off Road Vehicle Park, and more.

Park and Blue Lakes

Located on Highway 17, just south of Coulee City and just north of Soap Lake, Park Lake and Blue Lake are often overlooked as destinations. Fishing, boating, kayaking, and more are allowed out on the water there and the surrounding scenery is very dramatic. Vacation rentals are available and there are also camping options, including cabin rentals.

Oroville, Washington

When you visit Oroville, Washington you’re visiting one of the northernmost communities in North Central Washington. Oroville is a small rural community but it sits right on the southern shores of beautiful Osoyoos Lake. This lake straddles the border and is found partially in Washington State and partially in British Columbia. This is truly getting away from it all and puts you very close to several attractions that are often never visited by travelers, or even locals for that matter.

Republic, Washington

The town of Republic, Washington is located on Highway 20 in the easternmost portion of North Central Washington. It has a very Old West feel to it and is situated near a great many outdoor recreation options. Getting to Republic is half the fun too as it can lead you up and over Sherman or Wauconda passes, or across Lake Roosevelt via the Keller Ferry.

Banks Lake

Banks Lake is a man made lake made in the upper Grand Coulee and filled with water pumped in from Grand Coulee Dam. Visiting Banks Lake lets you get out on some of the best water in the area. All of the most popular forms of water recreation are available there. You can experience it as part of a stay at Steamboat Rock State Park or also in hotels and vacation rentals in and around Electric City or Coulee City. When there, make sure not to pass up seeing the laser light show that’s played right on the impressive Grand Coulee Dam.

Wellington, Washington

The former townsite of Wellington is located just west of the summit of Stevens Pass. This is the site of deadliest avalanche in United States history. In 1910, a massive snowslide came down the mountain, hitting a train filled with passengers as well as workers for the Great Northern Railway. Visit Wellington today and you’ll find the concrete and stone ruins of former railroad buildings and several historical points of interest. This is also the east end of the Iron Goat Trail and if you follow it just a short distance from the parking lot you’ll soon be walking through abandoned snow sheds once used for protecting trains from further avalanche danger.

North Central Washington is a beautiful area filled with tons of great places to see and experience. Visiting any of the destinations listed above is a great way to have a fun time in this very nice little region of Washington State.